How temporary jobs in London changed my career for the better

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Have you been thinking about temping in London but find yourself worrying about whether it would be good for your career? We’ve shared some of our candidate’s stories to give you a better insight into the world of temping and what it did for them

Temping gave me access to new skills

Lauren came to Love Success as she felt that she was stagnating in her current role and wanted to try out new things in a bid to secure a career plan that excited her.

“When I walked into my first temping role I was petrified, but my employer was great and gave me lots of new tasks to try out. I realised that there was lots of potential to learn new skills and so I ended up temping for lots of companies, helping to fill my CV with things that helped me find my perfect permanent role”.

Temping helped me expand my network

When Aki came to Love Success he was keen to find new ways to expand his network, helping him to achieve the career in HR he was aiming for. We sent him out to a number of different companies, giving him the chance to make the change he was looking for.

Aki told us “the temping opportunities Love Success allowed me to not only expand my network of potential employers but also gave me access to colleagues who have become friends. I’m now in a role that I love and have lots of people to reach out to, helping me to be the best HR Co-ordinator around!

Temping improved my earning potential

Mia felt undervalued in her current job and wanted to improve her earning potential. She came to Love Success and we offered her a number of temping positions to help her find her fit.

“After being rejected for a well-deserved pay rise, I asked Love Success to help me. The temp work they provided allowed me to earn more and see the opportunities that were out there, helping me to feel confident about leaving my old job”.

Temping saved my life

Theo contacted Love Success as he was feeling really unhappy in his IT job, we suggested he tried a range of other opportunities to help him find the right fit for the future.

“It may sound over the top but I was in a really bad place when I first contacted Love Success. I’d completed a degree in IT and was working in what I thought would be my dream job but I hated it. Love Success helped me recognise that my skills were transferrable and gave me plenty of opportunities to try. I am now in a job that I love and have never been happier – they saved my life!”.

Start your temping journey with Love Success

If you are inspired by the stories you’ve read then now could be a great time to start looking for temporary jobs in London. Love Success has a number of exciting opportunities that could be just what you are looking for, so send us your CV and arrange a chat with one of our team today! We can’t wait to help you shine.


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