How to set career goals for your office support career

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Are you in an office-based role or thinking about starting a career in office support? Great! Knowing what you want and what you want to achieve is vital to achieving success. But where should you start? We’ve shared our advice on the best way to set career goals so that you can design a career plan that works for you!

Find out what’s out there

Before you can set a career goal, you need to know what is out there for you to aspire to. Think about all the routes that your office career could go in and choose the option that makes you feel most excited. Once you’ve picked out the role or roles that interest you the most, you can start looking at what you need to do to achieve them.

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Think about your skills, experience and education

When you have a clear goal in mind you need to start asking yourself where the gaps are in your skills, experience and education so that you can start to plug them. You can ask your employer to support your drive to acquiring new skills and experience but you can also look at courses and opportunities outside of work that will help you too. There are many opportunities for office workers to gain new skills, with lots of short courses being free to participate in.

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Talk to someone you respect in work

When you know where you want to go, it’s a good idea to discuss your plans with someone you trust in work. This could be done formally during a performance management meeting or informally with your line manager or colleague. Ask them if they can see any barriers to you achieving your goal and find out how far your current company will support you to progress.

Set your goals and start achieving them

Goal setting is all about long term gains. There will also be plenty of short term goals that will feed into your wider plans. Take some time to set your goals and ask someone to look over them and provide you with honest feedback. Once your goals are set, don’t leave them in a notebook, closed away – start working on them immediately! Ensure they happen by checking back and reviewing them regularly.

Think about your employment

If your employer is supportive then you may be able to work on your career plan and progress within your current environment, but this will depend on vacancies becoming available as you are ready for them. Rather than stagnating in your current role, why not share your aspirations with a specialist recruitment firm that can help you make the strides you need? They will even be able to offer training and advice to help you reach your goals even quicker.

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