Ideas for temp jobs in office support roles from those in the know!

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Temporary jobs in London are popular for many reasons including flexibility, pay and building your career. But do you want to do something other than the standard retail and hospitality temp jobs? If so, read on to hear about the temporary jobs in London within office support that some of our candidates do.

1.    HR admin

“Many people don’t realise that it’s common for HR teams to flex with temps,” says Caitlyn. “I am an HR admin and I’m currently working towards my CIPD qualifications. I often go into companies as an extra pair of hands when there is a time of organisational change to work on an ad hoc project.”

2.    Customer service advisor

Justin told us, “I do a lot of work as a temp in customer service. You’re usually called in for cover, but also when there’s been a new product launch or a recall, then companies need extra customer service staff. In the four years I’ve been temping as a customer service advisor, I’ve never been without a role to go to.”

3.    Secretary

Whitney is a secretary and explained, “I love temping as a secretary. You never know who you will be working for, but the variety is really interesting. I enjoy working for different people and using different processes. My skills are very flexible so I feel confident being able to work for various employers.”

4.    Personal Assistant

Lauren said, “I always temp as a Personal Assistant or Executive Assistant. The roles are always varied and also last for different amounts of time. Sometimes an executive needs you for cover but normally it’s because they have hit a particularly busy period or have projects that they need extra support with. These positions are always engaging and I really feel like I can make a difference quite quickly. It’s important to have a good raft of transferrable skills though, so you can walk into any workplace and be useful quickly.”

5.    Payroll clerk

Tyrone told us, “I’m a payroll clerk and I find there are lots of temping opportunities for people with payroll experience and skills. You need a keen head for numbers and meticulous attention to detail. I actually got my first payroll temp position without any relevant experience, just from an admin background, but now I always look for these positions as they often pay a little more. Payroll is fun and brings quite a sense of satisfaction.”

6.    Admin support

Garrett said, “There are always admin support temp roles. Companies need admin temps for all sorts of reasons. If you use the Love Success Wait4Work service then you’ll probably be sent to an admin role as these seem to come up most frequently. Being in London, you can pretty much walk into an admin job on the day, so as a temp it’s really useful.”

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