Do you disagree with your boss?

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We all disagree with our boss sometimes. Often you need to simply let this go – they are the boss, after all. However, there are times when you need to raise the disagreement. Those in PA jobs in London are often in the front line, witnessing how their colleagues disagree with their executive. As such, they see what works and what doesn’t.

Here we share the advice of some of our candidates in PA jobs in London about how to best disagree with your boss.

1.    Be agreeable with your disagreement

“The minute you get angry or appear unprofessional or disagreeable, you lose,” says Haleigh. “You need to keep your emotions under control. The boss will then mirror your calm approach. It’s more conducive to a good discussion with a positive outcome.”

2.    Keep it professional, not personal

Alecia says, “Make the discussion about something tangible but topic-related, not something that’s personal about your boss. If you make it personal, you get their back up and because you’re the subordinate, you’ll lose. If there’s a personal issue that needs raising, it’s best to do that via HR.”

3.    Prepare and be clear

“Executives are busy,” says Freddie. “If you waste their time by not getting to the point, it’s harder to be productive. Prepare before your meeting and be sure that you can clearly present what you disagree with.”

4.    Present other solutions

Porsche says, “If you come to your boss with a problem – which a disagreement is – then you also need to come with solutions or alternatives. This shows that you’ve thought about the disagreement and have some suggestions that could replace the original plan. It shows that while you disagree, you care about a positive outcome.”

5.    Keep it private

Karthika says, “Whatever you do, raise any disagreement in private. The number of colleagues who think it’s ok to raise disagreements in front of my desk, or worse, on the team floor, is staggering! It is really unprofessional. Drop the executive’s PA an email and request a private meeting.”

6.    Check your understanding

Paula says, “So many disagreements are really just misunderstandings. Check that you actually understand the issue first. You may still disagree but you’ll have prevented any awkwardness arising out of not fully understanding something. You can always ask the boss’s PA – they are usually a fount of information!”

7.    It’s ok to disagree

Cade told us, “If you’re a people pleaser, it can feel very uncomfortable to disagree with your boss. However, disagreements can actually show passion for the role or task, and show that you really think things through. You can disagree professionally and actually gain respect if you do it carefully and thoughtfully.”

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