Joy of the season! 5 fabulous reasons to work as a festive temp in London

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Santa has a bursting sack of Christmas temp work in London for those looking for opportunities. This is a core time when companies take on London office temps. It’s the time of seasonal lurgies that mean extra staff are needed, higher workloads to meet the festive rush, and seasonal extra tasks for the calendar year end. And that’s before mentioning that customer services are often in booming demand for Christmas shoppers and service users!

Read on to discover our Merry Christmas guide to why temp work at Christmas makes jingling good sense!

1.    It gets you the cash when you need it

We get it, Christmas is expensive. Christmas 2022 is bringing its own unique financial worries with the Cost of Living Crisis. If you want to fund a fabulous Christmas then you may need to bring in some extra pennies. Office-based temp work pays extremely well – you’ll earn far more than you will in retail or hospitality. So, check out our London office-based temping opportunities.

2.    Get set for your 2023 career

December is a really tricky time for jobseekers. Companies seem to take a more lackadaisical approach to their hiring, preferring to wait till the new year to launch vacancies. That’s not great news if you need work now.

Temping is the answer, and it ensures you have no gap on your CV. It’s also a great way of getting set and ready to launch your job search as soon as the midnight chimes from Big Ben have ushered in the New Year.

3.    It’s flexible

We’re with you – this is the time of year when you’re pushed and pulled in all directions and there’s never enough time in the day. The beauty of temp jobs is that you can pick and choose what works for you. Need a week off, no problem. Want to work sociable office hours so that you can get to your social event then that’s also fine. You can fit temp work around your other commitments and make it work for you.

4.    You give yourself a Christmas present

Temp work in London is one of the best ways to develop your transferrable skills fast. Give yourself the gift of transferrable skills by working for a London employer. It will be the Christmas present that goes on giving when the mistletoe is gone. The festive season is an excellent time to really fast-track your skills because of the nature of working environments at this time of year. For example, if you’re developing a career in customer service, this is the best time of year to hone your skills.

5.    You get to check out employers at their best and their worst

If you are considering a long term position with an employer then working with them in December is a brilliant insight into their culture – warts and all. How do they celebrate and reward employees? Keep your eye out and see if you want to work there long term.

Are you interested in being a festive office-based temp? Get in touch on 020 7870 7177 and we’ll get our elves on the case.


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