Job hunt mistakes you can avoid by using a recruitment agency

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Job hunting takes time and effort. What you don’t want is for that time and effort to be wasted because you are making mistakes as you go. However, while recruitment is a specialist field, as a candidate you probably aren’t an expert in navigating it. Choosing the right London recruitment agency can help you avoid mistakes and target your effort and time effectively.

Read on to discover the job hunting mistakes you can avoid by using a recruitment agency.

1.    Applying for ‘fake’ jobs

Each application takes you time. You should be putting together a tailored application for each role. Even if you’re sending out the same CV and cover letter to every job, it’s probably taking you around 20 minutes per application. Therefore, you want to know that you’re only applying to real jobs where you application is taken seriously. You don’t want to be applying to roles where the job posting is a matter of formality, placed on repeat speculatively, or otherwise unlikely to result in recruitment. A recruitment agency ensures your efforts only go to genuine existing vacancies.

2.    Not meeting the hiring manager’s expectations

A hiring manager is unlikely to qualify all of their expectations in a job advert. There will be some unwritten expectations. Without knowing these, you can’t self-select from applying, knowing it won’t be worth your time. A recruitment agency gets to know and understand what the hiring manager is looking for beyond the job advert. As such, if they recommend you go forward for a job it’s because they know you already meet the hiring manager’s expectations.

3.    Not moving fast enough or spotting jobs quickly enough

With hundreds of channels used by employers, it’s impossible as a candidate to keep your eye on every channel so that you can move quickly when a vacancy is listed. As a London recruitment agency, we work to stay abreast of arising vacancies and position our candidates for them quickly.

4.    Failing to make your application sell

As a London recruitment agency, we are experienced, knowledgeable and insightful thanks to seeing hundreds of CVs and applicants. As such, we know how you can sell yourself as a candidate so that you stand out from the crowd. We help you highlight your strengths as a job seeker to secure the perfect next step in your career.

5.    Missing out on negotiation for great packages

As a candidate, once you are offered a job, it’s not the end of the job hunt. You still need to negotiate the package you want. A recruitment agency is invaluable here. Acting as the third party mediator, they take the angst out of the salary and package negotiation phase ensuring you can get onboard with your new employer without any baggage from tricky negotiations.

Do you want to avoid hiring mistakes during your job hunt? We’re the London recruitment agency that’s here to help. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.


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