How are you using December to push your job hunt?

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We know that job hunting can sometimes feel lonely. It’s helpful to hear from others in the same boat about how they are getting on and what their plans are. Here we reveal the insights from our chats with some of our candidates about how they plan to use December to push their job hunt forwards.

·      Temping in London is the way forwards

Xavier told us, “December is such a fantastic time for rewarding office based temporary jobs in London, so I’m using these opportunities to bolster my CV.”

Michael agreed, “December is a really great time for temping in London. There are loads of opportunities because offices have high levels of sickness absence and holiday leave to cover. It’s also just a really fun time to be in an office and feel like part of a team.”

Mora also agrees, but for yet different reasons again, “I’m using temping in London to gain some experience in different roles. I’m not sure what my next step will be so I’m using temping in London to try out different roles to decide on the direction in which to build my career next year.”

·      Getting input on your CV

Alanna said, “I’m seeing lots of friends and family over the next month and so it’s a great opportunity to get some feedback on my CV from lots of different people. I want some varied feedback so that I can gauge what the overall feel is.”

·      Creating a job hunt strategy

Rylan revealed, “I’m not actively looking for a new job right now but I’m intending to in the New Year. I plan to use December to create my strategy so that I can find the best opportunities and also have a smooth and sleek process for sending out applications in the New Year. When I’ve done job hunts before, I’ve found I end up pressured for time and don’t send off the best applications, so I want to approach it more strategically this time.”

·      Do some homework

Ailsa agreed with Rylan’s approach, but with a slightly different focus. She said, “I want to use December to do some market research on the types of roles I’ll be applying for. I’m not sure what I can expect in terms of salary and even employers. I’ve got some time off over Christmas so I’m going to use this time to look into what I can expect so that I can start my New Year job hunt with a clear focus and expectations.”

·      Get registered with Love Success!

Danielle said, “I recommend anyone looking for office support roles in London registers with Love Success as part of their December job hunt plan! I registered last week and already I’ve had support with my CV, been offered some free training and also been put forward for three jobs. I feel really supported and also excited about where my job hunt is going. So, I really recommend to others to get registered as a candidate!”

Use December for your job hunt and get in touch to see how we can help. Give us a call on 020 7870 7177.


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