How to be successful at temporary job interviews

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Applying for temporary jobs in London within office support isn’t quite like applying for permanent positions. While you may not always need to attend interview for temping in London, it’s increasingly becoming important. However, temporary job interviews are a little different from those for permanent roles and what the employer is looking for can be quite different too. There will be unique criteria to fulfil.

Most interview advice is tailored to permanent roles, so these points are dedicated to what you need to know about temporary job interviews based on our London experience.

1.    Do your research

Doing your homework is important for permanent placements, but for temp work in London it’s important that you specifically know what the employer wants in a candidate. Your temporary recruitment agency should be very specific about this, so that you don’t waste your time.

2.    Share your skills for today not your aspirations for tomorrow

You need to showcase your ready-to-go skills that you have in your arsenal today and try not to focus on your career aspirations. The employer isn’t interested in your development plan and long-term commitment. They want to know that you can hit the ground running now. Cultural fit is less important here too – skills are everything.

3.    Have readymade examples

Temp employers need to know that you mean what you say and that you do genuinely possess the skills you say you do. Have examples which provide evidence for the skills they likely need. Provide certification for everything from customer service skills to software with our free training and assessment

4.    Don’t hang around

Typical recruitment processes can be lengthy. With a temporary job process, be prepared to move quickly from registering to interview to placement. In the process, accept that the communication may not be of the same standard as you’d expect with permanent positions. Go through your recruiter and they can give you the information you need.

5.    Negotiate before an interview

With a permanent job it’s rarely appropriate to negotiate before or in the interview, or certainly not the first one. You typically wait until you have the offer in your hand. With temporary interviews, the employer needs to move fast, so any negotiation needs to be done before or in advance of the interview. That’s what your recruitment agency is there for.

6.    Prepare

Just because this is an interview for a temporary job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare. The employer still wants to know you are interested in them and will engage with them. You can demonstrate this by preparing some questions.

7.    Think from the employer’s perspective

Expect questions around themes such as flexibility, accountability and adaptability. Think about what the employer is looking for. They don’t necessarily want someone with potential who can be moulded to fit over time. They want someone who can be productive from day one by adapting to the change. Consider how you will demonstrate this.

8.    Think long term

Increasingly, employers are using temporary jobs in London as a way to try before they buy with candidates. Therefore, don’t cut off options by insisting you’re only there for the short term, unless you want to risk not being considered for a permanent position. Be engaged and show that you can also commit for the long term.

Your recruitment consultant at Love Success will support you with temporary job interviews and help you do temping in the way that best works for you. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177.

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