How to know if a company is right for you?

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So much of the recruitment process has the onus on the employer deciding if you are right for them. But, from the candidate’s perspective, the most important question is “are they right for me?” There’s a huge amount of variation between employers and making sure you accept a role with an organisation that you feel matches your ambitions, approach and style is important. Recruitment is a two-way process, and it’s as much about you checking them out as it is them checking you out.

At the end of an interview, you are usually given the opportunity to ask your own questions. This is a chance for you to find out more about whether this company is right for you. So, what should you ask? Our London recruitment agency, shares with you some revealing questions you can pose.

1.    What skills and characteristics do you think are most important in this role?

Not only does this give you a chance to state how your skills and personality match their expectations, it gives you a chance to uncover what they are really looking for. By learning about their priorities, you can see if that matches the balance within your skillset. If the interview lists a skill that is your nemesis, or you’re inexperienced in, it can reveal that the role might not be right for you.

2.    What is it like for a new starter in the organisation?

This question helps you to envisage what the early weeks and months will look like in the role. The interview should talk about induction and training protocols, but you can also ask them about upcoming projects. The interviewer should reveal core objectives and provide shape to the role, helping you picture yourself there, or not.

3.    What are the other roles in the team and who does them?

This question helps you to learn more about the people you will be working closest to. You can ask about why they were recruited, how long they have worked there, and their career trajectories. This will help uncover why the position has become vacant and also indicates how much others are committed and are loyal to the company. It can be useful to hear career progression stories.

4.    I noticed X during my research, can you tell me more about it?

Ask questions about something you’ve discovered during your research on the company. This has the benefit of showing that you’ve done your homework and are interested in this particular employer, but it may also reveal more about the inner workings of the organisation.

5.    What is your experience of working for this employer?

You may not receive a fully candid answer, but asking the interviewers about their experience of working for the company can help paint a picture about whether it is right for you. You can discover what they value as an employee of this company and see if that appeals to you. It may be that they reveal more about the social side of the business, or reward schemes, or development opportunities.

It’s really important to have a good idea about whether a company is right for you before you make the leap. Changing jobs is difficult. Another solution is to use specialist recruitment agencies in London. The recruitment agency will often have unique insight into the employer.

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