How to Deal with Family and Friends Asking about Your Job Search

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Realistically, a job search takes time and finding the next step in your career rarely happens in an instant. The truth is that you’ll most likely be sifting through vacancy listings, applying to numerous jobs, attending interviews, and plodding on until there is a perfect match between what you’re looking for and what you’re offered.

In the meantime, you’re met with questions and loaded conversations from family and friends. It can be tough knowing what to say when you’re asked, again, about something you may already feel unsure about. Follow our London recruitment agency top tips:

1. Distract and move on

It is possible to politely acknowledge the question, assure that you’ve got it in hand, and then change the subject. You can always turn things on their head by asking something of the questioner instead!

2. Acknowledge the care

People ask about your job hunt because they care about and are interested in you. We all know that our work life has a huge impact on our overall wellbeing.

Remember that if people are asking questions, it’s because they care—recognising that it comes from a well-intentioned place can help make it feel less like nagging.

3. Change the script

If it’s someone you speak to regularly, and you’re dreading their enquiries every time you speak to them, tell them to stop asking and say that you will let them know when you have an update instead.

4. Ask them to help

Some people will repeatedly ask about your job search because they feel powerless to help. Giving them a small task might prove beneficial. For example, could they come shopping with you for a new interview outfit, give their thoughts about your CV, or even practice interview questions?

5. Stay positive

Answering questions succinctly but positively can help loved ones feel reassured. Prepare what you might tell them in advance. Show them that you are problem-solving the situation; for example, if you’ve been turned down following an interview, you might be able to reframe it by saying how you didn’t feel it would have been a good fit and that you’re hopeful your next interview will be better.

If you don’t come across as positive then the listener is more likely to try and problem-solve for you, and that can be frustrating when your job search is taking some time.

6. Think about it from their perspective

If it’s a very close family member, such as a spouse, or someone you live with, think about how the current situation affects them and what their concerns may actually be. Addressing this will show that you care about the impact your job search has on them.


We know that a job hunt can be frustrating and time-consuming. It can also feel lonely and isolating. We’re here to help you find the job that’s right for you as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

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