What Can You Do over the Christmas Break for Your Job Search?

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Christmas is just around the corner, and with it the promise of gorging on mince pies and watching far too many reruns on TV. Surely, if you’ve had a tough few months of looking for work, the holidays should be the time for you to stuff the job hunt along with the turkey?

Well, you could but you’d be missing a festive trick. There are actually lots of good things that you can do over the festive season to ensure you start 2022 ahead of the game.

Let us explain.

1. Temporary jobs in London galore

Christmas and the New Year offer up a veritable platter of opportunities in terms of temporary jobs. If you need something now, or you need more experience, or you’re trying to change industries, doing some temp work in London can be invaluable. 

Keep an eye on job postings—the temp position you’ve been waiting for might just pop up now.

2. You’ve got room for perspective

If you’re in danger of taking any old job you’re offered because you hate every minute of your current role, then you may jump feet first out of the frying pan and into the fire.

This Christmas break gives you space to evaluate why your current job isn’t working and what you’re actually looking for.

3. You gain competitive advantage over other candidates

Yes, there will be many candidates who pack up their job hunt on Christmas Eve with the wrapping paper and don’t dust it off again until well after Big Ben chimes midnight on New Year’s Eve. 

But you can use this opportunity to get seen when there is less competition. This doesn’t happen often.

4. Hiring managers use downtime

Hiring managers often have their day job taking up every ounce of their time. But come that lull between Christmas and New Year, they’ve finally got the chance to sit and digest all the different CVs and applications they’ve received—or to get that advert out.

If you wait until the New Year to land on their desk, you’re waiting too long.

5. You’ve got company to help out

Chances are that at Christmas you see more family and friends than usual. It’s therefore a great time to pour them some mulled wine and ask if they wouldn’t mind having a quick read of your CV. Get their opinion and take their feedback on board.

6. Build connections

Itching to build connections in the industry you want? Want to drop a particular employer a line but don’t really have a good excuse? Well, Christmas is the perfect reason. Networking now is easier than any other time. You can send Christmas greetings, a card, or attend a Christmas event.


Of course, make sure you take some time over the holidays to recharge and think about your work search plan for 2022, but don’t let it off the boil completely. Sprouts can overcook, job hunts can’t.


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