How to Have a Happy Christmas When Work Is Miserable

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You’ve scooted past the office Christmas party, cringing as yet more office politics unfold. You’ve gritted your teeth through everyone else getting a decent Secret Santa bar you. If you’re in office support jobs in London, Christmas and its celebrations can shine a light on precisely what you don’t enjoy about work.

It can then become worse right when you think it should get better. That lull of No Man’s Land between Christmas and New Year, when you’re working on skeleton staff, should be a low-stress and easy time, but instead it feels burdensome after a few days off. 

What can you do? Is it actually possible to have a happy Christmas if you don’t enjoy your job?

1. The Christmas party

No Christmas party should be compulsory, but chances are that you’re expected to go. Try to ensure that you buddy up with a colleague who you enjoy spending time with and that you’ll at least be at a table with them. 

Also remember that not everyone will be enjoying the night, even if they give the impression that they are. Many people, like you, will be there because they feel they should.

View it as “work” and networking, and ditch any expectations that it should be enjoyable. And while you’re at it, make a vow to yourself that by this time next year, you will have made some changes.

2. The Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a minefield. What is overlooked is that everyone has quite different personalities and preferences when it comes to giving and receiving gifts. One person might genuinely not care if they get a thoughtful gift, but someone else will consider it tantamount to a popularity contest. Then there’s the individual who thinks the very purpose of Secret Santa is to be as rude as possible under the guise of invisibility.

Just grin and bear it and don’t take anything personally. Don’t invest more time choosing your recipient’s gift than you are willing and happy to give. And you can always pass on what you receive.

3. The vibe and atmosphere

In the workplace, the Christmas vibe and atmosphere can be difficult. From endless Christmas tunes to tinsel adorning your desk, it’s near impossible to avoid the festivities. If Christmas is a tricky time of year for you, for reasons such as bereavement, not being able to escape it can be incredibly hard. 

Be kind to yourself and consider sharing with your trusted colleagues what you are finding difficult.


If over Christmas itself as well as the bank holidays you find yourself ruminating on work and dreading going back, then it may be time to look at more permanent solutions. The holidays may highlight the downsides of your current job, as the festivities exacerbate both the good and the bad. Use this time to reflect and consider making a change.

Start 2022 by looking for a new job, so that by next Christmas you will feel ready to celebrate with your colleagues. Register as a candidate for office support jobs in London.


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