Is 2022 Going to Be Good for Job Hunting?

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As we reach the end of 2021, it turns out that the UK economy has done a much better job of recovering from the pandemic than many thought it would, despite us still struggling with high rates of Covid. The furlough scheme has ended and things haven’t gone pear-shaped! As a result, the second half of 2021 has been a brilliant time for job candidates. But will 2022 be the same?

The job hunter’s starting point for 2022

2022 will undoubtedly start in much the same way that 2021 is finishing, which means the balance is very much in the candidate’s favour. Employers are offering higher salaries, and they are more flexible with who they’re hiring because of notable talent shortages. While this isn’t as prevalent in office support jobs in London as in some other sectors, it’s still the dominant situation. 

Early 2022 will be particularly good for those considering a career change. When the scales are more in favour of employers, they don’t need to “give a chance” to someone with transferable skills who is looking for a change, because they can find their ideal candidate. Right now, you can highlight your transferable skills and entice a different industry to give you a go.

It will be a positive time for both permanent and temporary jobs in London, probably across the whole of the UK. We can expect a continued high demand for temp work as employers struggle to find the permanent candidates they need.

Will it continue? 

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that predictions are always tricky! No one could have foreseen the healthy job market bottoming out because of a virus. 

What we can see is that there are certain things making it likely that a good landscape for candidates will remain as we continue onwards. 

Skills shortages existed well before Covid and Brexit. They are still making it difficult for some employers, most notably in specific industries like IT and engineering. Until these skills shortages are addressed systematically, these sectors will be calling hard for candidates. 

At the moment, employers are really confident about striding forwards with their business plans. Candidates have been more reluctant to make a change. As 2022 gets underway, we anticipate that more people will gain the confidence to move jobs, becoming available for both permanent and temporary jobs and giving employers a larger pool to choose from. It’s unlikely that competition between candidates will become ragingly fierce, but it is possible that they won’t have as extreme an upper hand over employers that they do now.

So is 2022 going to be good for job hunting?

Absolutely, yes. Now is the time to get your CV in order and consider your career goals, so that you can make the move in the New Year.


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