Listen to Laura: A PA in London in the property sector

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As a PA recruitment agency, we love chatting to those in PA jobs in London to learn about their roles and how their career path unfolded. Here we chat with Laura, who is a PA in the property sector.

Q1: What do you like most about being a PA?

I love how busy my daily life is and how varied it can be. I have five company directors and I know that I’m important to each of them. I enjoy being the person that people come to and being able to use my organisational skills to make a difference in the company.

Q2: What’s it like being a PA in the property sector?

It’s fast-paced and there’s always something new going on. It’s a friendly industry and it’s an exciting time for the sector.

Q3: What are your biggest challenges?

In such a busy work environment, with five directors to look after, I think the biggest challenge is prioritising. I’m very good at juggling tasks, but it’s not always the most efficient way of working. 

Q4: How did you become a PA?

Before being a PA, I worked in customer service and I used my transferable skills to move over. In my voluntary role I also do a lot of events planning, so those skills have also been helpful. It was my recruitment consultant at Love Success who suggested PA work as an option when I wanted to move away from customer service.

Q5: Do you have any advice for someone wanting to become a PA?

There are so many different industries you can work in, so think about which one would actually suit you, and not just about the PA role itself. I also recommend being yourself, right from the interview stage. You want to fit into the business just by being who you are, because the “fit” as a PA is so important. 

Q6: Which apps and tools do you use?

My Outlook diary is the most important! That and always having my phone on me so I can be contacted.

Q7: What’s the best career advice you’ve been given?

Remember that you are interviewing the prospective company just as much as they are interviewing you! You’ll excel where you fit in. And for PAs, you need to really get along with your bosses.

Q8: What’s the hardest interview question you’ve ever been asked?

I think the hardest questions are the ones you haven’t thought of! That said, I always find it quite daunting to be asked, “What do we do?” Obviously I do my research before going to an interview, but you’re never going to be absolutely spot on until you’ve worked there—otherwise, you only really get the marketing spiel, rather than the nitty-gritty. This is where a recruitment agency is useful, as they often have much better inside scoop and can help you prepare.

Q9: Do you recommend any particular reading for PAs?

I really recommend the Love Success blog! It’s really great for job hunters with lots of bitesize information. But there are also many useful and informative articles for PAs. 


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