London Sights You Can See in Your Lunchbreak

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Go to the gym? Do your shopping? Scroll through social media? What about exploring some of London’s highlights? Your lunchtime doesn’t need to be a waste when there are tons of things you can do to make every day feel like you’re on a city break.

Here are our favourite suggestions as a London recruitment agency.

1. The London Dungeon

Did you know that the London Dungeon takes just 50 minutes out of your day? That’s right—you can go for a scare and come back to the sanctuary of your office in one afternoon. The adrenaline will certainly energise you and your usually terrifying boss will now seem like a pussycat in comparison.

2. Watch the street performers in Covent Garden

An hour in Covent Garden can pass quickly when you’re lost in awe-inspiring acts. Grab your lunch and enjoy some kerbside entertainment from acrobats and musicians to wonder-creating magicians.

3. Dip in to a museum or gallery

The National Gallery is wonderful for a lunch break jaunt, as it can feel overwhelming if you try to visit more than a couple of rooms at a time. In fact, lunch is ideal for the bitesize discovery of free museums and galleries. What’s more, the National Gallery runs free sketching classes on Fridays and they are well worth attending. The British Museum also often has free gallery talks.

4. Listen to a lecture

University College London hosts 45 minute Lunch Hour Lectures for free! The subjects are very diverse and it’s a great way to keep your mind inspired. Often covering hot topics, or simply something mighty interesting, you’ll be hooked on being a student again in no time.

5. Get some peace and quiet

Lots of churches and cathedrals in London offer a quiet and tranquil place to visit at any time, and are perfect for some moments of pensiveness throughout the working week. Make sure to time it with a lunchtime concert or recital and you’ll be in for a real treat. There are frequent free recitals at St James’s Church in Piccadilly.

6. Bat away office stress

Want to let off some steam? Want to be active without the treadmill pounding? Why not grab some willing colleagues and head to Bounce in Farringdon? Here’s a chance to play an energising game or two of ping pong before gathering your decorum to head back to the office.

7. Step back in time

Check out Dennis Severs’ House, an 18th-century property that’s like stepping inside a time capsule. There are 10 rooms, conveying what life was like in Spitalfields between 1724 and 1914. These tours are silent but definitely thought-provoking.

8. Check out Churchill’s War Rooms

A small but fascinating museum that’s doable in your lunch, these preserved bunkers were used by the government during WWII. It provides incredible insight into what went on, but remember to plan a few days in advance to secure your timed entry ticket.

Lunchtimes definitely don’t need to be boring when you work in office support jobs in London!


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