How to Get the Hygge Feeling at Work

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Hygge is a Danish word that encapsulates the cosiness and comfort of contentment and wellness. It’s particularly important during winter, and has been credited as one of the reasons that the Danes frequently top the international happiness rankings. Think kinship, warmth, comfort, pleasure, and hot drinks and you’ve got it.

But hygge isn’t just for your home! Embracing that hygge feeling in the office can make it a happier place and boost efficiency and productivity. So how can you bring hygge into your workplace?

1. Bring in some home comforts

Office designers are realising that clinical and characterless environments aren’t great workplaces, but your office design may still have a way to go. Make your desk space your haven, surrounding yourself with some of your favourite things, such as family photos and your own personal mug.

2. Nurture a plant or two

Plants have a really important role to play in our health, wellbeing, and lifestyle. Pop a houseplant or two on your desk, and you’ll be breathing cleaner air and doing your mental health wonders.

3. Go outside

Coming back to a warm, cosy office is wonderful after you’ve been outdoors in the chilly winter air. Being outside is good for you, and it’s especially important for your winter lunch break, as you may have limited options for daylight at other times. Then come back and get snug in the office.

4. Create a playlist

Obviously, you should only do this if you’re the kind of person who’s more productive while listening to music! If so, create a hygge playlist with calming yet lively tunes and pop your earbuds in.

5. Share food

If you work in London then you’ll always have a wonderful market within easy reach or little independent bakeries selling divine treats. Sharing home-cooked or artisan goodies with your workmates will up the hygge factor.

6. Carry out a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK)

Doing something for others, especially if they don’t know who did it, can make you feel fabulous and add to the hygge feeling. A compliment here or a favour there all help create a convivial workplace.

7. Move around

If you’re at home, snuggling up with a blanket in one spot by the fire is hygge-heaven. But it’s only so wonderful because it follows regular movement. In the office, try to vary where you sit. For example, if you’re working on something that doesn’t require your desktop, why not go and work in a creative corner?

8. Call on your colleagues

Hygge is dependent on the people around you, too. Team spirit is central to the concept—it creates a sense of belonging, which is what hygge is all about. So collaborate with your colleagues and ensure you’re creating a hygge workspace together. 

Does your employer support an office with a focus on wellness? Work in an environment that suits you and you’ll achieve more.


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