How to Connect with the Person Interviewing You

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Making an excellent connection with your interviewer can be the key to a job offer. For temporary jobs in London this is particularly important. You need to have a good connection with the executive to be of value, especially at the moment, as there are so many people applying for the same roles.

You can’t know who your competition is, but you can bet that they have the same bursting skillset as you. What’s going to set the successful candidate apart from the crowd is their connection with the interviewer. At the end of the day, if you get along and make a great connection, they won’t forget you and you’ll have the X-factor that no one else has. 

As such, it’s essential to really consider how you can do this. We recommend three angles to your approach:

  1. Figure out how you can relate

    Before you even turn up at an interview, you need to do some background research. Many recruitment agencies in London fail to adequately prepare candidates, but at the very least you should know the name and job title of the person who will be interviewing you.

    Use this information to find out how they fit into the company and how long they’ve been there. Try to find out things about their professional life (LinkedIn is good for this, creepy stalking is not!). Look for commonalities.

    This demonstrates your curiosity and interest, and also gives you a chance to figure out how you can relate and connect on a deeper level.

  2. Use compliments carefully

    In the interview, you should aim to use a few authentic professional compliments that are personal to the individual. This is quite an art form, and you’ll probably need to rely on your research. For example, you could congratulate them on a career achievement, or say you found a particular article they wrote fascinating. However, make sure to keep it professional!

    Using compliments in this way will make the interviewer feel good, and that’s always a winner. You’re also showing that you already value them in the professional arena.

  3. Use storytelling

    Humans inherently love a story—we find them captivating and learn a lot from them. As a candidate at the interview stage, stories are your secret weapon. They not only “sell” you, but also illustrate points and provide evidence. Additionally, they engage your audience in a way that is memorable.

    For example, use a story to illustrate why you are efficient at work, how you’ve put that in action, how it benefited others, and what you learned from the experience. 

Connection needs authenticity

Connection is the key to interview success, but it can’t be fabricated. You can’t force connection. You can give it the right landscape to bloom, but some of it will come down to the two personalities sitting opposite each other. What matters is that you are genuine, so that the connection is also authentic. 

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