Ways to Be More Productive at Work

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We’ve all been there: we’re either struggling with our inner sloth-like tendencies, failing to get stuff done, or we’re as busy as a bee and somehow still not being efficient. Those in office support and PA jobs in London know that being productive is essential to their success in the role, but how do you actually improve your productivity, especially if you’re already at maximum busyness?

The good news is that your productivity levels aren’t set in stone. You can improve them with a few simple tips, tricks, and adjustments to the way you do things. Here, our office support and PA recruitment agency shares with you the secrets of productivity.

Slow down

More speed, less haste? Heard that one? Often, the key to reclaiming productivity can actually be slowing down. When you slow down you will become more productive. Your brain can actually think, and mistakes are less likely to occur.

Ditch multitasking

Multitasking is not effective. You may think that it leads to you getting more wrong, but science has disproved that theory. Indeed, we are far more productive when we do tasks sequentially.


This leads onto the point that to be productive you must prioritise. Stop multitasking, and instead spend a little time each day working out your priorities. Then work through the priorities one by one, giving each their due time.

Take time out

Meditation can increase your concentration, which can make you considerably more productive. Rather than pushing on and on and exhausting yourself into a less productive outcome, it’s actually beneficial to stop, take some time out, and then return to what you are doing. Mental breaks are good.

Have physical breaks too

If you’re struggling with your inner-sloth, then a little physical movement can get you being productive again. A five minute walk around the office, or nipping out to get some fresh air and a coffee, can actually result in you getting more done when you return.

Set goals and tick them off

Work out what your goals are for the day ahead and then write them down. This not only keeps you focused, but also gives you an enormous sense of satisfaction when you achieve them. Additionally, make sure to write down your longer-term goals, and then you can remind yourself why being productive on a daily basis matters.

Start earlier

In many office support jobs it’s easy to start the day with good intentions, and then get sucked down avenues you hadn’t envisaged when you woke up that morning! If you get to work slightly earlier, before everyone else is in (particularly your boss!) then you can front-load your day with the tasks that really matter. That way, when people and distractions arrive, you’ve already got various tasks done and dusted.

Switch it up

Monotony is the death toll for productivity. As humans, we crave a splash of variety. Shift things around, do them in a different order, or take a different approach. Even standing to do a task instead of sitting can add a dash of variety that makes you more productive. 

If you’ve tried all of the tricks above and you’re still struggling with productivity, is this job the right job for you? Have you considered that you’ll be more productive in a different role for a different employer? Find out more about being a Love Success candidate.


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