What Can You Do Today to Improve Your Career?

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It can be hard to feel like you’ve stagnated, or if you feel a little lacklustre and uninspired. Of course, you can send out your CV to the relevant recruitment agencies in London and see how you get on, but there are various small things you can do right now to improve your career.

  • Set some goals

Those with goals meet them. Yes, it sounds obvious but it’s true. If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t end up where you want to be. Setting some career goals, and then breaking them down into smaller, manageable micro-goals and chunks means that you are constantly moving forward.

Work backwards from a big goal and consider what experiences, skills, or knowledge you need to get there.

  • Stretch yourself

Those who regularly work in temporary jobs in London add rocket fuel to their career. How do they do it? They constantly put themselves in new positions, which force them to develop outside of their comfort zone.

There’s no reason you can’t do this today at work. Take on a new challenge, volunteer for something new, contribute to the company magazine, organise a social event, or spark up a solution-based project.

  • Ask for some feedback

Don’t wait until your annual review to get some nicely curated feedback. Instead, ask for some comments from those you work with regularly. Their insight can really help you figure out how you add value, as well as your sticking points. You can then use this knowledge to capitalise on successes and overcome your weaknesses.

  • Reflect if you can

In many office support jobs, like in most roles really, there often isn’t any time for reflection. However, if you find a moment, go back over some past work with the benefit of hindsight. Think about what you could have done differently and what could have been improved. You can apply your conclusions to improve future situations.

And while you’re at it, you could curate some elements or templates and save them in a portfolio or as a set of examples to support your future job applications. 

  • Learn more about your industry

Read and learn more about the industry you work in so that you’re always in the know and ahead of the game. These insights can help you spot opportunities and develop your career.  This can involve networking too, which is great for boosting your career in the longer term. 

  • Develop relationships

The point about networking brings us to the importance of nurturing professional relationships. Every day, there are opportunities to work on these connections. They might be relationships that will one day open doors, people you can learn from in the here and now, or even those who you can practise communication, tolerance, and collaboration with. Either way, it’s worth investing the time and effort.

  • Do some research

Even if you’re currently happy and content in your role, there’s no harm in doing some research into what’s out there in the market. Finding out about other opportunities will help you recognise your worth and identify the skills you need to develop to take the next step. 

Taking charge of your career on a daily basis can make you feel positive and in control.


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