8 Apps Recommended by PAs in London

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At the Love Success London PA recruitment agency, we’ve been chatting to those in PA and office support jobs to find out their go-to apps. We’ve picked out eight and will share them with you here:

1. 24Me

24Me is a free app that acts as a Personal Assistant. It provides a calendar, to-do lists, and notes pages, allowing you to easily manage  a complex and busy schedule! ,

Tamsin says, “24Me is my productivity lifesaver. Without it, I’d be dropping the ball constantly.”

2. Dropbox 

Dropbox is the unsung hero of the PA’s life,  it’s underrated and overlooked! This app enables you to sync cloud storage between devices, making life so much easier! 

Jay says, “I don’t know how I’d manage my boss’s remote meetings without Dropbox. Whatever document he asks for, it’s there in my hands within moments.”

3. Monday

If you love colour coding your life then Monday is for you! You can use task cards to have clear due dates, workflows, collaborators, and checklists – basically everything you need in one place. 

“We all use Monday,” says Linc. “It means we all know who’s doing what and when. It’s great for keeping track of pretty much everything.”

4. Headspace

Headspace is a meditation app, and works brilliantly  for increasing your productivity and reducing your stress!, Headspace is a meditation app.Sophie says, “I use Headspace at least twice a day. I particularly love the SOS “micro- meditations”. If I’m feeling frustrated with a colleague, or I can tell that stress is making me lose my focus, I do a 3-minute hit and I’m back on track!”

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is an app that allows you to manage all of your social media channels from one place, making life an awful lot simpler.

Sam says, “My job involves posting to social media often and it can get so complex and time- consuming. Hootsuite enables me to do everything from one place, and to me, that’s a massive time saver.”

6. Todoist

Todoist remains a firm favourite with many PAs and their executives. It’s an easy way to share tasks between you (so that you both always know what’s happening). 

Kit says, “Todoist is still there on my phone when other apps come and go. I’m diving in and out of it all the time.”

7. Toogl

Toogl is a time management app, which also keeps track of what you’ve spent time on. In it, you can tag relevant people and add notes. It’s really useful if you want to figure out where you really spend all of your time. 

Amber says, “We have to be able to bill different accounts for the time we’ve spent on different tasks, so we find Toogl really helpful.”

8. Grammarly

Grammarly helps you spot typos in grammar and spelling. It’s really important if as a PA you are writing documents or social media content.

Olivia says, “Grammarly has ensured that I’ve not been embarrassed many times! When I’m in a rush, I know my grammar and spelling are weaker. So I use Grammarly to check everything for me!”

Which are your favourite apps which make your work as a PA efficient and productive? We’d love to hear which ones really work for you! 

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