3 Workplace Goals That Will Transform Your Career Success

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Amongst recruitment agencies in London, there is a myth that successful people are lucky. In our experience, those who are successful in office support jobs aren’t simply lucky. They set goals and, therefore, have their eye on the prize. However, these aren’t always the sort of goals you may expect. 

Keeping our eye on those who are successful, our London recruitment agency has identified three workplace goals that allow individuals to succeed in their career. Here, we share them with you: 

1. Do something new every day

In an office support job, it is quite easy to get stuck in a rut. You do the same tasks, in the same way, at the same time, day in, day out. The problem with this is that it’s easy to become complacent and, dare we say it, lazy. 

If you can, choose something that you can do differently each day! Then you will automatically bring a fresh approach to it. Even better, consider how you can do something better each day. Don’t just follow the process; ask yourself how you could improve that process!

This approach is hugely beneficial to your employer. They are getting exceptional value, and they’ll appreciate the innovative individual you are. These don’t need to be huge changes, as merely an awareness of a fresh approach every day will help you shine. What’s more — your daily work life will be more varied and interesting too.

2. Ask a different question every day

Curiosity will get you a long way! It not only shows commitment and dedication, but  also shows that you’re thinking outside of the box. Each day, consider if you really know why something happens as it does, or how another function really works. Stop making assumptions, and start taking a proactive approach to the everyday. Probe for more information, and challenge your own assumptions. Asking questions is brilliant for fuelling innovation, creativity and growth, and that will get you places. 

3. Make a meaningful connection every day

You can’t simply turn up at 9 am, put in your 8 hours on the job, and expect your career to thrive. You’ve got to put a bit of your heart and soul into it. If you can make at least one meaningful connection with a colleague or a client every day, then you’ll find yourself flying down the path of success. You’ll get known, valued, and appreciated by a broad range of people. You’ll be visible, respected, and trusted. It’s pretty powerful stuff! 

That means, step out from behind your computer screen and pick up the phone or meet a colleague in person. Be encouraging, inspiring, and open, and you'll make excellent connections that build over time. 

Try it out

Give yourself the month ahead and see if you can meet these daily goals. At the end of the month, reflect on how you feel and how you feel your career is going. We’re sure you’ll get some surprisingly positive results! 

If these goals don’t float your boat, make sure you pick something. Setting goals and putting in place a plan to go after them ensures that you are constantly driving your own career, rather than being a passive passenger.

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