Why Did You Miss Out on That Promotion?

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If you’re feeling down in the dumps because you’ve just watched someone else snatch the promotion you had your eye on, then this article is for you. Being passed over for promotion can feel like a real kick in the teeth, and it’s hard not to feel demotivated or aggrieved. It’s even harder if you ask for feedback and phrases such as “just pipped at the post” or “nearly there” come out.  So how do you figure out what happened when you believe that you’re loyal, hard-working, and ready for the jump?

With office support jobs, our London recruitment agency has learned that it’s not always a case of the most hard-working individuals being rewarded with promotion. Often, there’s something else behind it. So what did the other person have that you didn’t?

  1. They nailed proving their value and their worth

    There will be some behind-the-scenes things that you are blissfully unaware of. The biggest of these may be that your opponent had another offer on the table, meaning your current employer had to make a move to hold on to them. Unfortunately, promotions often only happen when your employer becomes aware of what they may lose.

    Additionally, the successful candidate likely showed their value and worth in very tangible ways that demonstrated their future focus. They didn’t hide their light under a bushel. If you’re a humble type, you need to sing your own praises. You need to communicate your success and showcase your vision.

  2. They presented a safe bet

    Employers can be risk-averse and benefits-savvy. They want to know that they’re backing the right horse. This means they need to know that they’re investing in someone who reduces any potential risk whilst delivering lots of benefits.

    You need to be able to show that you offer your employer more benefits than risks. It’s really quite a neat equation. To improve your chances of being promoted next time, don’t wait until the promotion to prove that you’ll deliver excellent ROI; start delivering it now!

  3. They aligned their goals with the company’s

It’s a mistake to think of promotion as a purely personal endeavour. The successful candidate will always be the one who puts the company first — or at least seems to. This means that you need to be careful about which career goals you share with your employer. Only share those that are completely in tune with the objectives of the organisation. You need to show that you’re going to be hugely motivated to help the company achieve its goals because they’re your goals too.

Not ready to wait?

Sometimes the only way up is out. If you feel like you’re repeatedly being passed over for promotion, then there are plenty of opportunities in office support jobs in London that will enable you to take the step up that you’re looking for. Temping in London is always an option and can help you zoom up the career ladder by gaining new skills and experience. Register as a Love Success candidate.


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