Young and Looking for Office Support Jobs in London?

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Ouch! The BBC’s recent headline, Unemployment: Younger Workers Bear Brunt of Job Losses Amid Covid Crisis, is pretty disheartening reading for a generation who should be excited by starting out on their careers.

We can’t argue with the stats. The UK’s employment rate rose once again, to 5.1%, at the end of 2020. And yes, those in the 18-24-year-old age bracket have definitely been hit the hardest, followed by those in the next bracket, 25-34 years.

However, we urge you not to despair. There are opportunities for young people and, in many ways, you’re often in the best position to take advantage of how recruitment processes adapt in times like these. 

The young are agile

The UK is known for having a flexible jobs market. What this means is that when times are tough (i.e. now), we’re good at adapting. We suck in our belts and do things a little differently so that we can weather the storm. We do this is by turning to flexible options, more specifically by using temps to bridge any gaps until we feel more secure again.

This is great for employers. They get who they need, quickly and flexibly. For some candidates, however, this isn’t ideal. More experienced and established candidates, for example, are less willing to take a chance on temporary roles that don’t offer the stability and security of meeting mortgage payments and feeding families. Being older, and potentially more senior, they are also likely to have longer notice periods.

Young people are, therefore, more able to be the flexible candidates employers are looking for. They can get into a role quickly, and may even welcome a temporary role. Young people, who are relatively fresh in their careers, can actually benefit from working in temporary roles because of the potential to progress quickly, acquire new skills, and test out a new career track.

The young are affordable

As we move forward with plans to ease lockdown restrictions, and as employer hiring intentions improve, the young will be brilliantly positioned to step into new roles. Again, UK employers will be feeling wary, even when they get going again. They won’t want to make costly mistakes.

Younger candidates are generally an excellent, cost-effective solution for employers in these situations. You’ve got some good skills under your belt, but you’re also keen to learn and develop into a role. Employers look for candidates like you to fit their culture and add value, without the costly price tag of a more experienced employee.

Let us help you take control of your career

So, far from being a bleak picture, there’s plenty of hope on the horizon for young people who may be feeling deflated by recent headlines.

We’re here to help. We’re keen to put you forward for office support jobs in London that reflect the direction you want to go in. We’re a London recruitment agency who understands what it’s like for candidates right now and is ready to help. Call us on 020 7870 7177.


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