Top 8 Career Hints for a London PA

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As a London recruitment agency, we know that the PA role can be quite an isolated one, especially with so many people working from home at the moment. It can be even more isolated if you’re in one of the many temporary jobs in London and perhaps haven’t formed the same relationships as those in permanent roles.  If you’re considering a PA job in London and want to make it your career, how can you excel?

1. Relationships matter

As a PA, your relationships with your colleagues are critical to your success. You need to be able to work effectively with those in very senior and pressured positions, whilst also communicating effectively with everyone else in the business. Value each and every relationship.

2. Protect your boundaries

It’s not unusual for us to hear from exasperated individuals who feel unappreciated and overwhelmed in their roles. Often this is because, as a helpful individual, you can end up taking on more and more that’s outside the scope of your role. Protecting your professional boundaries allows you to perform the tasks you’re meant to do to the best of your ability. It ensures no resentment builds.

3. Be heard

You need to be your own champion. If you believe you’ve added value, say so. Make it clear and keep a record. This can be a way of building your career and proving your worth.

4. Act discreetly

At the same time, it’s vital that you know how to do this appropriately. Know when to keep quiet and when the value of a relationship is worth more than vocal praise. As a PA, it’s important for your long-term career that you always respect privacy and know when discretion is needed.

5. Take on projects

Taking on projects is a way to propel your skills and develop in your career. Of course, a huge part of your role is clear administration, but longer-term projects help to demonstrate that you are the best of the best and are capable of adding value in a number of different ways.

6. Grow your resilience

PAs need to be inherently resilient. They need to remain unflustered when others are panicking around them. They also won’t be able to please everyone. Use criticism wisely and determine whether it is helpful or not. Be calm and positive and hold on to your confidence.

7. Know your industry

PA careers can develop across different industries. As the pandemic has shown, different industries fare better at different times. Being able to transfer your skills can be vitally important to growing your career. When you start in a new industry, dedicate yourself to getting to know it. Helping your executive meet their organisational objectives depends on it.

8. Know your worth

Finally, when it comes to being a PA, value yourself and know your worth. If you feel unsure, then make sure you build a good relationship with a dedicated PA recruitment agency like Love Success. Contact us and we can help you develop your PA career.


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