A Day in the Life of a HR Assistant

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Sarah is a HR assistant usually based near Covent Garden. She’s been building her career by doing office support jobs in London and has chosen to start specialising in HR. Currently working from home during the pandemic, she spoke to our London recruitment agency about her typical day.


One thing I do love about working from home in the pandemic is that I get more of a lie-in! Usually, there’d be a mad dash to catch my train and tube. I miss the buzz of London, but I do love the peace of my current mornings! I make a second coffee, take it to my desk, and start work.


My inbox is always full when I log on. Our HQ is based in Houston, Texas, so with the time difference, you can bet I’ve had plenty of emails. Our division also has employees in India and Singapore, so the time differences can be difficult to manage! First, I reply to any where the sender will still be awake, then I prioritise the others. They’re usually very straightforward questions about things like maternity leave or annual reviews. If any replies need more thought, I make sure I come back to them later.


I’ve been working with a dedicated team on updating our on-boarding process. We were in the process of reviewing it before Covid, but with so many people now working from home, we've made some big changes. We’re planning to onboard a large number of new graduates in the summer but anticipate we’ll still be working from home to some degree. As such, I have a meeting with the team and make notes on what needs to be done next. I’m tasked with reviewing our systems for pre-first-day tasks. So I make a start on that.


I’m feeling a bit zoned-out because it’s been a busy morning sitting in one spot. Surprisingly for a March day, the sun is warm, and it really feels like spring. I make myself a mug of soup and a sandwich and join my partner in the garden for lunch. It feels very indulgent! In London, I’d probably go with a colleague to a local café.


Back at my desk, I take a call from a department head. She needs some admin support as her department’s tasks are very complex when being undertaken from home. I get in touch with Love Success and ask about their candidates for office support jobs in London. They send over some relevant CVs. I shortlist three and ask for interviews to be arranged.


It’s a team meeting on Google Teams. This is a general catch-up that we have once a week. We all let each other know a little about what we’re currently working on. These check-ins have been really useful during lockdown and have kept us connected.


I’ve got two new offer letters and three contracts to complete. I do this by pulling all the information together. I then send them over to my boss to review. Then, I have to get ready because we’ve organised a virtual escape game as a social event for the accounts and HR departments. I need to get a cuppa and be ready!


The virtual escape game was fun, but really hard! I do miss going out with my colleagues in person, though. It’s been a long day in front of the computer, so I get changed and head out for a run. I can’t bear the thought of any more sitting and staring at a screen, so after dinner I decide to make some brownies. Perhaps I’ll get to enjoy a slice outside in the sunshine again tomorrow!

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