What Are Employers Looking for in New Recruits during Covid?

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Covid has greatly changed most aspects of the working world, including recruitment. At our London recruitment agency, we’ve got the benefit of seeing trends as they emerge — and we’re increasingly seeing employers ask for particular skills and attributes. Here, we share with you what some of our candidates for office support jobs in London have found to be their greatest job-winning strengths.


“Look at every job ad at the moment and “reliability” sticks out like a neon beacon,” Nicki told us. “Employers need to know that they can depend on you. Even if you’re temping, they want to know that you’ll show up on time and get the job done.”


Lexi told us about a recent interview she had: “The theme that weaved through every part of the discussion was trust. They wanted to know that they could trust me to work responsibly from home. It must be hard for employers to assess this, and they must feel like they’re taking a risk. I reassured them and was very genuine and authentic. It worked, because I was offered the job!”


Simon has been hired since the pandemic and is now responsible for interviewing new candidates in his HR role. “All of our hiring managers are prioritising communication as a skill at the moment,” he explains. “It doesn’t matter what the job is. With most people working from home and only some office working, the biggest thing we need to see is that you can communicate effectively in different ways.”

Positivity and resilience

“I applied for several different office support jobs in London before getting the role I’m now in,” says Alan. “What I realised is that employers want to see that you can be positive and upbeat, despite how tough things are for everyone. They want to see that you’ll help morale, not make it any worse than it already is.”


“I work in HR, so I do a lot of interviews,” Ghislaine explains. “Right now, we need flexibility. We’re using temporary jobs to meet our current needs, but we need everyone to be adaptable. Things keep changing, and we need to know that the people we hire will be willing to adapt with us.”


Jayne has recently been hired in an assistant role. She told us, “It wasn’t directly asked at any point, but it was clear to me that my new employer needed someone who would be able to get on with things and take the initiative. I showed my self-management skills on my CV and expanded on them at interview. My boss has since told me that it was this that made me her favourite applicant. She said she felt that she could trust me to actively help her, not make things harder. That was nice to hear.”

Meet employers where they are

Our London recruitment agency helps you to identify the skills that employers are looking for so that you can showcase these throughout your application. There are some changes at the moment, and to be in with the best chance of success, you need to adapt your CV and interview style to meet employers where they currently are.

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