How Do You Onboard a New Starter Remotely?

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Many new starters in PA and office support jobs in London will be starting their new job working remotely from home. It’s a whole new ball game for many. At our PA recruitment agency, we know that the final piece in the recruitment puzzle is seamless onboarding. Employers and candidates have put in a lot of effort to get to this point, so you need to get onboarding spot on.

Managing anxieties

Whether you’re the employer or the new starter, expect there to be nerves if onboarding remotely is new to you. Make sure you check-in with each other regularly to prevent those nerves causing problems.

Get the basics in place

Make sure your normal induction process is adapted for remote working. There should be a clear set of video meetings and delivery of documentation with known responsibilities. Technology needs to be given priority. The last thing you want is a new starter being unconnected on their first day.

Communicate with the new starter’s team and ensure that they’re part of the onboarding process. But make sure you thoroughly communicate with the new starter as well. Send out a new starter pack and include a schedule for the first month along with contact details for the people they need to know.

On the first day

The new employee’s first day will require you to be particularly involved. Just because you’re working remotely, it doesn’t mean you can skip introductions. Start with an orientation video call. Hopefully, you can introduce other members of the team and put faces to names here.

Also on the first day, you should outline a training plan, maybe even carry out some initial training. Working remotely, the new starter cannot simply shadow others. You don’t want them sat at home twiddling their thumbs wondering what they should be doing.

Keep checking in

You’ve probably already discovered with remote working that you need to make a conscious effort to check in with those you work with. The same applies with a new starter, only more so. Make sure you schedule in time to actively check on how they’re doing and whether they feel part of the business.

It can also be worth pairing them with a mentor or buddy who’ll also regularly check-in until they’re settled.

Consider something social

Depending on the nature of your team and how you interact, it can be helpful to set up something social for the first week, like a virtual quiz or games night. Without the social contact of the office, it will take conscious effort for the new starter to build rapport with their team. A social event is an excellent way of speeding this up.

Getting the best from your new starter

The onboarding process is essential for your new starter to be able to contribute to the business’ success. Make sure that your office culture permeates everything you do as this is one of the hardest elements to convey remotely. Also ensure that you partner with an office support and PA recruitment agency that will help support you and the new employee throughout this time.

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