Looking after Your Mental Health Whilst Job Hunting

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As a London recruitment agency, we know the inescapable truth: job hunting is stressful. It’s not surprising that it’s often cited as one the top 10 most stressful life events. There’s so much uncertainty involved, which can cause untold worry. You’re potentially anxious about everything from your finances to your everyday life, and it’s hard not to take any rejections personally.

We understand that job hunting can take its toll on your mental health. So, whether you’re searching for temporary or permanent office support jobs in London, follow our tips on how to make it less stressful.

Manage your expectations

If you’ve been successful in every interview you’ve ever had—or at least heard back from all of them—you’re incredibly lucky! Be realistic about what’s likely. There will be silences and there will be rejections. You should expect this, but try to remain optimistic too.

And remember, it’s not personal, even when it feels like it. With over 3000 people applying for a role such as an HR assistant in August, not everyone can get every role.

Get moving

Don’t wait for the perfect job to fall in your lap; it won’t happen and it’s soul-destroying. Instead, be proactive in your approach to the job hunt. Be sure to regularly touch base with your chosen recruitment agency or get some useful feedback from that last interview. Using your time proactively will help you to feel more in control. What’s more, your recruitment consultant will note your attitude and feel more inspired to help you.

Take time out

It’s normal for a job hunt to ebb and flow. It’s not always possible to have the stamina needed to go at it full-pelt for a long time. If you find that it’s getting too stressful, it’s okay to take some time out to rest up and get yourself ready for the next attempt. Whether it’s a day out walking in the countryside or a week off from scouring job adverts, it may do you good.

Be a conscious job seeker

It can be tempting to dash out dozens of application, but it’s a fast route to rejection. It’s better to apply for fewer roles or concentrate on one London recruitment agency, applying a more personal approach. Recruiters can easily spot CVs that have been sent when you haven’t even read the job description, so don’t waste your time.

Get help

No one said you have to go through job hunting alone. Get some support. The easiest way to do that is by choosing an agency that specialises in your niche. For office support jobs in London, that’s us here at Love Success. By having a relationship with your recruitment consultant, you’ll feel that you’ve got someone in your corner who’s also invested in finding you the job you’re looking for.

Be resilient

Don’t give up; you will succeed. The current climate may make it seem harder, but with resilience, you’ll get there. We’re a supportive and understanding London recruitment agency, and we’re genuinely interested in getting you the outcome you want. Get in touch and let’s make a positive start to your job hunt.


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