Looking for Work in a Pandemic

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Keep Britain Working has been sharing some fascinating insights into what it’s like looking for work during the pandemic. Like other recruitment agencies in London, our PA recruitment agency is very interested in their surveys and reports. They give us a window into what it’s truly like for candidates looking for a new job, either permanent or temporary, at the moment.

You’re looking for jobs

Back in the depths of the first lockdown, it was tempting to think that anyone with a job could just sit tight and wait it out. While that was true for many, Keep Britain Working revealed that two-thirds of those already employed were interested in a new job. This research, which dates from July, aimed to discover how job-hunting behaviour is being shaped by the pandemic.

Keep Britain Working has since revealed some other fascinating stats, including that 81% of those searching for work are willing to retrain and that 75% of people spent some of lockdown investing in their development. Flexible working has also reached almost level-pegging with salaried work when it comes to searching for a new role.

So what does this mean for you if you’re currently looking for a new job?

Think about your skills

At our PA agency, we’ve seen lots of candidates seeking to shift focus. To do that, you need to focus on your transferrable skills and identify which skills you need to boost.

There are several ways of doing this. Your primary option will be to consider online learning. But there are other options too.

We’re seeing a large number of individuals trying to shift from hospitality work into PA roles. Many have excellent transferrable skills. For example, if you’ve worked on reception or as a concierge in a hotel, you’ll already have a good framework of relevant skills. However, there may be gaps, especially in software usage and confidence. You can get free software training from us at Love Success as part of your job search.

Another way to get new skills relevant to a change in focus is to consider temp work in London. This helps you develop new skills whilst gaining relevant experience.

Be flexible

Right now, flexible working is more important than ever. Last year, we conducted a PA survey on job hunting. It revealed that, surprisingly, flexible working was less important to candidates than we’d predicted.

We can safely say, however, that the tables have now turned! Employer flexibility is imperative for job seekers at the moment. Indeed, it’s the flexibility that employers have shown during the pandemic which has largely determined their reputation as a good or bad employer.

Flexibility needs to be applied in different ways. Parents working from home with children during lockdown need flexibility over working hours. Meanwhile, single young people face different challenges and sometimes find it isolating. They want more flexibility to get back to the office where possible.

How can Love Success help?

When it comes to job searching during a pandemic, the landscape is different. More than ever, job hunters need support. We’re supporting employers too, helping them find the right talent to survive and thrive in difficult times.

Every day, we’re approached by employers looking for candidates. We’re helping them understand the needs and pressures of candidates so that candidates can access the roles available. We’re working, as ever, to support candidates as they develop their skills and succeed in the jobs market.

Let us support you looking for work in PA and office support roles in London. Check out our resources for candidates.


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