How to Change Careers During a Pandemic

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Covid has upended the world of work for millions of people and led to many considering a career change. Some industries such as customer service are booming while others such as hospitality are struggling. If you find you want to redirect your career, you’re not alone.

We recognise that it may feel like a daunting challenge amid a global pandemic, so we’ve put together advice on how to embark on a career change right now:

  1. Make the decision

    Consider your current role or perhaps the one you’ve been made redundant from. Did you like it before coronavirus turned up? Try to balance your previous experiences, which may return in due course, with the impact of Covid implications and how long they may last. Consider your opportunities and main priorities. For example, do you want to work from home or do you want to get back into the workplace?

  2. Look at your skills and experience

    Assess the skills you have and how these can be transferred to other careers. It can be helpful to look at a range of job adverts to help you identify what employers are looking for. If there are notable gaps in your skills or experience, don’t worry. One way of filling these is by using temporary jobs. These will help you build skills and experience whilst also allowing you to “test drive” any new career.

  3. Speak to a specialist in your new niche

    For multiple reasons, we always recommend choosing a specialist recruiter over a more general one. They are experts in their field, so employers go to them. For example, employers looking for London PAs will approach a specialist PA recruitment agency like us.

    Additionally, they can support you to gain the skills needed for your chosen career and support you as you make your applications. If, for example, you want to consider office support jobs in London, our recruitment consultants can give you tailored advice on which particular career options are available to you given your transferrable skills.

  4. Change the focus of your CV

    If you’re embarking on a career change, then your previous CV won’t be fit for purpose. CVs need to be tailored to the particular types of roles you’re applying for. You won’t succeed in changing direction if you’re still only showcasing how suited you are to your previous career. Again, a recruitment consultant can help you here. They can help you reshape your CV to reflect your skills and experience in a way that makes you attractive to employers in different sectors.

  5. Get some training

Whilst making use of temporary jobs in London can be beneficial in quickly grasping new skills, career changes often require extra training. For example, if your new career requires you to have a better understanding of a particular software programme, try and complete a training course to demonstrate your ability to up-skill and adapt.

Changing careers can be an immensely exciting time. This may be the springboard you needed to start enjoying what you do and progressing in the way you want. We’re here to help if you’re planning on a career in PA or office support jobs in London. Get in touch.


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