What to Do if You Don’t Hear Back From Employers During Your Job Search

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Even looking for temping opportunities in London can be mightily frustrating when you don’t hear back from employers. You’ve put in the effort, committed your energy — and your heart — only to get radio silence. It’s poor recruitment etiquette on the part of employers, but it may also be the fault of your chosen recruitment agencies. Let’s look at what you should do to ensure you at least get useful feedback.

  1. Don’t lose heart

    Unfortunately, some businesses don’t take the time to contact all applicants, even if they aren’t successful. It’s not a reflection on you and shouldn’t be taken personally. Don’t let it affect the momentum of your job search.

  2. Choose your agency wisely

    Not all recruitment agencies in London are created equal. Choose one, like Love Success, that builds good relationships with both employers and candidates. That way, you can be sure that if the employer doesn’t contact them about a candidate post-interview, your recruitment consultant will get in touch.

    It’s also in your interest to use a recruitment agency to get constructive feedback, as it’ll improve your chances of success going forwards. A recruiting manager is more likely to be candid with a recruitment consultant about why you weren’t successful. This is useful information for the future that they’re unlikely to give the candidate directly.

  3. Think ‘optimal’

    The trick is to make a few, high-calibre applications. This is done by liaising closely with your recruitment agency and considering how your CV can be tailored to the specific roles you’re applying for. For example, when applying to office support jobs in London, you need to showcase your administration, communication, and organisational skills. What’s more, many employers use recruitment software to screen CVs. You need to optimise your CV to include keywords that the role calls for.

  4. Get the opinion of others

    Employers are busy. They certainly won’t have the time to give personal feedback on every application, even if they do give feedback after interviews. Speak to your recruitment consultant and ask them for their feedback on your CV. Remember that they see dozens every day and know which ones are successful and why. Listen to their opinion and refine and improve your CV. There’s also benefit to be had from getting friends or family to give you their honest opinion too. They may spot things you haven’t.

  5. Give it time and then ask

If you’ve attended an interview but not heard back, don’t panic. Sometimes the recruitment process can take far longer than you anticipate. If you haven’t heard back within the timescale indicated at the interview, you can then politely drop the recruiting manager an email. That way you can put that particular application to bed.

The unfortunate reality is that there are often many people applying for office support jobs in London and other roles, so you may not always hear back. Keep your spirits up by working with Love Success. We’ll help you get the most out of the process and ensure that any feedback is timely and useful.


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