What Has Temping in London During Covid-19 Been Like?

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When uncertainty hits, employers turn to temps to help them meet their workforce needs without the commitment of taking employees on permanently. We know this is happening right now with the uncertainty of Covid-19. There’s an increasing number of temporary jobs in London and across the country.

But what does this look like on the ground? We spoke to some candidates who’ve been temping in London over the last few months to find out more about their experiences.

Customer service needs us

“Every temp job I’ve taken on since March has been in customer service,” Ashley told us. “And pretty much all of them have been done from home. It was tricky at first, but now employers are used to managing their remote temps, and it’s working out really well for me.”

Through our virtual support service, we’re certainly seeing a huge demand for temporary jobs in London in customer support.

Admin galore

Michael is seeing redundancy as a chance to reconsider his future opportunities. He was working in hospitality and is using temp work in London as a way of exploring different options. He told us, “I’ve mainly been working in admin temp roles as I can use skills I’ve already got from previous hospitality jobs. I’ve found there’s quite a lot of choice; I’ve done some data entry, worked for a business that needed me to change their bookings for 2020 to 2021, and done some secretarial type work. It’s been quite varied and I’ve enjoyed it.”

PA roles

Jenny was a PA to a finance director who did a lot of global travel. She was furloughed, but her employer was happy for her to do other work during that time. “I didn’t want to take anything permanent as I’ll be going back to my normal role,” she explains. “So I’ve done a few short-term PA roles, which has worked well from home. I’ve been able to use my skills and remain committed to my current employer.”

Joe has also taken some temp work in London in a PA role. He explained, “I’ve been hired by a company that, due to moving everyone to home working, needed a PA to coordinate the executive team. I’m finding it very interesting and rewarding. I’m organising video conferences, preparing presentations, and taking minutes. It’s quite varied and I’ve enjoyed being useful.”

HR admin

Lisa has been recruited into a temporary HR role. “It’s been quite hard,” she told us. “The company is struggling because of coronavirus. As a result, they had to manage some complex furlough arrangements. Now they’re going through redundancy processes and consultations. I was recruited to help with these processes. I guess in some ways it’s easier for me because I don’t know the individuals involved, but I still find it hard. It’s the ‘not-nice’ side of HR.”

Temporary jobs in London

Some temporary jobs in London are now back in the office. Others are still working from home. As the call for more temps increases from employers who are keen to get their businesses back on track, we’re on the lookout to help match employers and candidates. Drop us a line at info@lovesuccess.co.uk


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