What Graduate Job Opportunities Are There in 2020?

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The Institute for Fiscal Studies has declared that now is ‘a bad time to graduate’. They previously revealed that the sectors most impacted by lockdown employ nearly a third of all workers under 25. So, it’s easy to feel that graduate prospects are bleak.

We can’t escape the fact that it is harder for graduates to get their career moving during times of recession. Unfortunately, the same scenario plays out whenever a downturn hits. However, over time, graduates do catch up. It’s easy to surrender to doom and gloom, but there are plenty of career-starting options to consider, such as temporary jobs.

What career options are currently available for graduates?

You need to think outside the box — yes, workplace jargon is being thrown at you already! With graduate employment schemes, internships, and the like being put on hold, traditional entry points are largely off the table.

There are two potential solutions:

The first is to use your time to gain experience whilst earning money. The way to do this is through temporary jobs in London. During your time at university, you’ll have gained admin skills that can now be applied to temporary work in sectors that need new staff but are anxious about taking on permanent employees.

In accounting and finance, for example, the current situation is leading to a greater call for temporary workers in areas such as debt and credit management. These temporary roles are a good way to gain transferrable experience that will provide an excellent foundation for your future career.

The second solution is to apply for office support jobs in London. Being younger, and therefore less likely to be negatively impacted by coronavirus, employers consider you a safe option for providing the in-office support they need. Office support roles can often be done from home if necessary.

For graduates, the real benefit of these roles is twofold. In the first instance, they’re an excellent starting point for an office-based career. They’re a way to gain experience in a similar way to a training scheme. Additionally, office support jobs are available in a range of sectors from marketing to HR. If you’re considering a career in these sectors, this is your way in.

Graduates can benefit from being in London, as it’s predicted to recover faster economically than anywhere else in the country and to lead the way. For graduates wanting to make the strongest possible start to their careers in the current economic climate, London is the place to be.

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