How to Pass Probation at Your New Job

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Many of London’s recruitment agencies send new employees off with a cheery wave and a close of the door. However, we know that a recruitment agency can provide crucial support for you in the transition stage. This includes getting off on the right foot, making a good impression, and sailing safely through your probationary period. For those just starting an office support job in London, here we look at how you can nail your probationary period.

Know the details

Your recruitment agency should ensure you clearly understand the terms and conditions of your employment. Any probationary period should be clearly explained in your contract. Remember that probation is a time for both you and your employer to decide whether you’re a good fit.

It’s really useful to know why new employees fail their probationary period. No one expects you to get everything 100% right straight away, so it’s not that. In our experience, the most likely reason is an unwillingness to accept constructive feedback. It may also be a clash of personalities or a case of poor interpersonal skills.

How do you pass your probationary period?

Attitude: For conscientious new starters, our biggest single piece of advice is to have an open, positive and professional attitude. A willingness to learn, fit in, and take on board the guidance you’re given is important. If you show a lack-lustre attitude rather than enthusiasm, it isn’t going to inspire your new boss’ confidence. Learning the ropes in a new job can be stressful, but try to remain optimistic.

Don’t cut corners. Once you’re established in a position and the employer has seen how you go above and beyond, they’re more likely to be comfortable affording you the ‘take’ in a give-and-take relationship. During your probationary period, however, it’s still early days. At this point you need to always be on time, always dress professionally, and always meet or exceed expectations.

Reputation: As you settle into a new company, it’s important to consider how your reputation will develop. If the employer cannot see the positive impact you’re having, it’ll be harder for them to assess your value at your probationary review. Make sure you engage with your colleagues across different areas and departments and show a willingness to join in with office life. Remember the answers to questions you ask, and try not to rely too heavily on just one colleague for support.

Always listen to feedback. Take any feedback your manager gives you on board, and ask questions to clarify it if you need to. Don’t automatically take negative feedback as criticism, but instead consider how you can adapt to fit the expectations your new employer has. If necessary, ask for extra training.

At the end of probation

Remember that probation is a two-way process. If, despite passing your probation, you aren’t happy in the role or it’s not what you expected, don’t be afraid to move on. It’s much easier to make a change at this point than further down the line. We have plenty of office support jobs in London and we’re sure we can help find the right one for you.


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