5 Top Tips for PAs Looking for Jobs during and after Covid-19

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Are you looking for a PA job in London? If so, you may be wondering if now is the right time or whether you’re approaching it the right way. At our PA recruitment agency, we’ve been as busy as ever, and we’ve gathered some of our consultants’ top tips on PA job hunting during Covid-19.

  1. Virtual interviews and how your skills play to them

    As a prospective PA, you have a head start when it comes to virtual interviews — you should already have an excellent professional telephone manner, for example. But make sure that’s the side you convey during virtual interviews, not the side of you that’s been rocking the home-working PJ-look.

    If you’re invited to a virtual interview, treat it as professionally as you would do in person. Make sure your tech is sorted, your background and clothing is presentable, and any family members have been locked out of the room!

  2. Be productive with downtime

    We’re increasingly seeing recruiting managers place greater weight on how a candidate has managed lockdown. If you’ve been home-working, they want to know how you’ve been productive and offered added-value in an unusual time. If you’ve been on furlough or made redundant, they want to know that you’ve done more with your time than become a Netflix junkie.

    When applying for current PA roles, expect to be asked about your lockdown experience and prepare an answer that shows you at your best, explaining what you’ve done. This may mean that, right now, you need to take on some extra training or boost your experience by temping in London.

  3. Sort your home office out

    At the moment, every London PA job will probably involve working from home some or all of the time. What’s in the immediate background of your virtual interview won’t be your prospective employer’s only concern; they’ll want to know that you’ve got the set-up to work effectively and productively from home.

    Create a home working area that’s well lit, adequately equipped, and practical. By doing that, you won’t be caught off guard if you’re asked to give a “virtual tour”. It’ll also help you approach your job hunting in an organised and professional manner.

  4. Stay positive

    Do what you need to do to stay positive during your job hunt, as it may take a little longer than usual. Eat well, sleep well, and take plenty of exercise. Keep in contact with your consultant so that you feel positive and engaged with your job search.

  5. Opportunities ARE available

Just because headlines are telling you there are thousands of job losses and few jobs to apply for, that doesn’t necessarily apply to you. PA jobs in London are being registered with us daily. Many industries have continued through lockdown by introducing home-working.

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