How Are You Feeling about Returning to Work?

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Like many other office-based businesses, our office support and PA recruitment agency are still largely working from home. However, we’re also taking steps to return to our office as soon as we’re sure it’s safe and Covid-secure. We thought this would be a good time to ask how office staff are feeling about returning to office work in London.

Back from furlough

“I was furloughed early on in lockdown,” explains Andy, an office receptionist who usually works in the City. “We’re now looking at going back and I’m ready. I’m looking forward to earning properly and working again. I’ve been worried about public transport, but I’m prepared for that now with my mask.”

AJ feels slightly differently: “I’ve been on furlough, but my company are planning to bring me back part time under changes to the furlough scheme. I feel really unsure about it. I need more clarity on which days I’ll be working and which days I’ll be furloughed.”

Part-time in the office and part-time at home

Sue, who works in accounts, has been working at home throughout the lockdown. She says, “My company’s planning to bring us back in on rotation so that only 50% of us are in at any one time making social distancing easier. I’m looking forward to the buzz of the office again, but I also wonder if this half-and-half arrangement may be more complex. I’d rather we were going back as normal, but I know that’s not possible.”

“I’m opting to go back to the office full time,” Harry tells us. “I’m a team leader and managing teams remotely has been incredibly difficult. As staff are in on different days, me being there full time means I can oversee things more easily.”

Staying at home

“My employer hired flexible workspace in London,” says Raj. “But he now thinks there’s little point in going back. Obviously, he’s saving on overheads, but we’ve discovered we can be equally productive working remotely too. We think that even when it’s the norm for everyone to be back in offices, we’ll continue working from home as it suits us all.”

Taking a flexible approach

Many of you have reported that your employers are planning a flexible, case-by-case approach. As Bess explained, “I can walk to work and feel confident with the changes introduced to the office, so I’m happy to go back. I haven’t minded working from home, but I live alone and it’s a bit lonely. However, my colleague is staying at home for the time being. She has children at home and has to get the Tube to work. Fortunately, our boss has listened to what would work best for each of us.”

Are you ready to go back?

You’ve probably got mixed feelings about going back to work. Those starting or returning to temporary jobs may not know their employer well enough to know whether they’ll feel safe. If you’re starting a new role, speak to your employer or recruitment consultant about how your workplace is being made Covid-secure. You can then take the necessary steps to prepare yourself.

If you feel that you’d rather look for a different job or an employer that’s approaching the situation differently, then register with us.


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