How Do You Organise Team-Building Events Remotely?

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At our London recruitment agency, we’re a fan of team-building events. They help us collaborate and learn about our strengths (and what we need to work on!) We also know that for many London-based PAs, organising office team-building events often falls to you. During lockdown, and with the continuation of homeworking, your managers may feel that teams are becoming fractured. If this is the case, they’ll probably turn to you to organise something that can bring everybody together. But short of yet another Zoom quiz, what virtual team-building events are there available?

Seal the Deal

If you’ve ever been hooked on Deal or No Deal, then you’ll know just how alluring the Seal the Deal virtual experience can be. Suitable for teams of between 10 and 22, it’s fast-paced and led by a host, so that everybody gets to interact and have fun. Lots of surprises are hidden within, and the feedback from contestants so far is excellent.

Escape rooms

Escape rooms aren’t limited to the real thing; you can get virtual ones too. Finding one suitable for larger groups can be tricky, but there are some available, such as this one from Wild Goose, or this one from Greenhat People, which tasks the team with beating a hacker. Fun and energising, your team will have to work together on them to ‘escape’.


Working together on different challenges is often the aim of team-building exercises. Whilst you could organise some of these yourself, it’ll be time-consuming and difficult to manage. The Remote Team Building Game is an ideal solution and very interactive.

Wine tasting

If your team all love a tipple, you can organise a remote wine-tasting evening. Lots of different companies offer this so have a search and find one suitable for you. The basic premise is that each team member is sent some samples, and you all join in virtually, tasting and comparing them together. If cocktails or beer are more your thing, you can find them too.

Themed days

With a little planning, you can organise theme days to run on normal working days. These aren’t suited to all workplaces, but if your office culture is usually relaxed and fun but has lost its spark, they may work. Pick a theme, such as pirates, Egyptians, or monsters. Encourage people to dress and talk in the theme. You can get them in the mood by sending out a small, themed token, such as a pirate patch. Throughout the day have a few 10-minute check-ins with themed quizzes, bingo, and Pictionary. Make sure there are prizes!

Get everyone involved

Lots of people are experiencing different virtual events at the moment. They may have recommendations based on what they’ve done with other groups. By getting others involved, you’ll discover what floats their boat and is most likely to fuel engagement.

Remember, many team-building events can feel a little awkward to start with, whether they’re in-person or virtual. Once they’re underway, however, everyone gets stuck in and benefits from them.


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