How to Find a Job You’ll Love During a Downturn

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Covid-19 is no one’s friend — certainly not the job market’s if the news is anything to go by. As a PA recruitment agency, however, we’ve faced downturns before. We’ve watched many candidates find their dream job in tough economic conditions. So look beyond headlines and stats saying 24% of UK jobs are at risk and take a different approach.

Consider the area and the industry

Economic downturns don’t affect all regions and industries equally, even when caused by a global pandemic.

London was the first and hardest-hit UK city. However, it’s also in prime position to be first to bounce back. This means that those looking for PA jobs in London will find they have greater choice than those looking elsewhere.

The same is true of different industries. While travel and hospitality are suffering, other sectors are thriving. Roles are appearing in growth areas of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, certain consumer goods, e-commerce, and others.

Try to identify the best places and sectors in which to look for job opportunities.

Use the right tools

Employers are understandably a little preoccupied right now. This means they’re outsourcing recruitment more than ever. Our PA recruitment agency is listing vacancies from employers who would normally do all their own legwork. Make sure you register with the right PA recruitment agency or agency specialising in your niche. Build a relationship with your agency so that your consultant can really get to know you. They’ll be more likely to think of you when your dream position lands in their inbox.

You may need to be flexible in how you secure the right job. You may not just be able to dash off a bunch of CVs. Instead, your way in may involve doing temp work in London within the organisation or role you are interested in. This will give you the leverage necessary for long-term success.

Don’t stagnate

When a downturn hits, it’s tempting to think that treading water is all you can do. Over time, however, it can hinder your ability to secure long-term opportunities you’ll love. Employers gradually come to view you as lacking initiative or ambition.

Take steps to ensure the current downturn doesn’t turn into career downtime. You can do this by keeping yourself active within your industry through training and voluntary opportunities. You can also do it by securing temp work within your preferred sector. For PAs, for example, doing temp work in London through our Virtual Support Service is a great way to build experience and skills that will put you in pole position when your perfect job comes along.

It also helps you to remain positive. Positivity is infectious, and we’re always struck by how it’s the positive individuals who secure PA jobs in London. It’s frequently the number-one personal characteristic employers look for.


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