What’s It Like Working As a PA to the Rich and Famous?

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As a PA recruitment agency, it’s not unusual for candidates to tell us that they really want to be a PA for the rich and famous. While many PA jobs in London don’t fit this bill, of course some do. It’s not unusual for us to get celebrity requests for temporary jobs when they need a London-based PA. We recently had the chance to chat with Natalie, a celebrity PA, about whether her life was full of glamour and if not, what it really entailed.

What’s your celebrity PA background?

I’ve been a celebrity PA for nearly twelve years. I’m bound by non-disclosure agreements to not reveal who I have worked for, but it has included some household names!

What are the most important characteristics you need as a PA to the rich and famous?

Discretion, loyalty, and trust. You need these in abundance.

How did you get your first celebrity role?

I actually started out as a moderator on a fan site. This led to me being invited to meet the individual who at that time was just beginning to grow in popularity. The role sort of grew from there. It was really a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

What about your subsequent PA jobs in London?

My first employer relocated to the States. Since then, I’ve secured all of my celebrity PA roles through your PA recruitment agency.

What made you decide that working with the rich and famous was for you?

I got to join an after-party — a definite glitz and glamour moment — and I was hooked.

What’s it like working for a celebrity rather than in a corporate office-based role?

I find this role is far more hands-on, and that I’m rarely in one place. I have a desk, but I’m rarely sat at it and that really suits me. I also really love the personal relationship that forms: somewhere between an honest, dedicated friend and loving aunt — who happens to have a passion for admin!

What’s the best part of the job?

I love the travelling. We get to stay in amazing places. However, I plan to ‘settle down’ soon, so this will obviously become a lot harder.

What’s the worst part of the job?

The flipside of travelling is the jet lag! Flying all the time isn’t actually great for how you feel day to day! The paparazzi can be horrid too.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to be a celebrity PA?

Start out with some office experience. You will really need it to hone your organisational skills. Then try to secure PA office roles in places such as film agencies, record companies, and casting agencies etc. The right London recruitment agency, such as Love Success, can help with this. Make sure that in all your roles, you become known for having the utmost discretion. Be trustworthy too. That’s what celebrities really need in their PA.

Is it all glamour and glitz?

There’s definitely glamour and glitz but no, it’s not one long immersion in that! There are days when I’m shattered or don’t know what time zone I’m in, but still need to deal professionally with an aggressive press. That’s certainly not glitzy or glamorous. It’s also pretty hard to manage your own work-life balance and relationships. In fact, that’s why I’m moving back into corporate roles.

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