Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Employ a Temp

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When you’re a thriving business, coping with the pressure and keeping up with demands can seem like a constant uphill struggle. Hiring skilled individuals on a temporary basis can be an ideal way of carefully and strategically managing these stresses to your advantage. It can help you deal with high demand or low productivity, as well as boom and lean times.

Those temping in London, particularly in office support roles, aren’t lacking in skills. Many of them have a broader range of skills and knowledge than individuals who work for one employer. They can also bring a fresh approach to a company. In short, they might be exactly what your business needs.

Here are our top five reasons why you should employ a temp:

  1. Speed

    Even the fastest recruitment agencies will struggle to quickly find you a permanent member of staff worth their salt. However, a recruitment agency specialising in office support temps will have access to a pool of highly-skilled temps available at short notice, if not immediately.

    This means that if you have an urgent situation and need an extra pair of hands, you don’t need to compromise on quality. You can find a temp fast.

  2. Flexibility

    We know that many workers now actively choose to make a career out of temping. They are used to turning their hand to anything and adapting their skills and knowledge to any given situation. Whether working unusual hours or taking on a unique project, nothing tends to be a problem for them.

    What’s more, as an employer, it can be hard to be agile when meeting the needs of permanent employees. Temps can offer your business cost-effective flexibility when you need it.

  3. Specialist skills

    There are times when you need a PA temporarily, or perhaps need someone with knowledge of a specific software package. Using short-term workers, you can get the skills you need on board when you need them. This also applies when you have a time-limited vacancy arise, such as covering maternity or long-term sick leave.

  4. Fresh perspectives

    An underrated aspect of temp workers is that they can bring a fresh outlook to your business. They aren’t limited by the bounds of company culture or long-term job security. They’re simply driven by wanting to do a good job. Using experience gained elsewhere, they can give your business insight it wouldn’t otherwise get.

  5. Test it out

Maybe you’re not sure whether you need a specific role? Perhaps you’re wary of committing to a particular candidate based solely on an interview? Temps allow you to test the waters. You can see whether this is the long-term role you need to recruit for. You can even see whether this is the candidate you’re really after before making a full commitment.

Do you think that hiring a temp for your London business could be the solution you’re looking for? If so, we have lots of skilled and available temps ready to work with you. Give us a call on 0208 7870 7177 to get the best temps in London.


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