My Experience of Temping in London Office Support Jobs

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Hi, I’ve been asked to write about my experience of temping in London with Love Success. I hope you find it helpful!

I started out doing all sorts of different temporary jobs in London back in 2012. My first position was actually as part of the support team for the Olympics! At that stage, I’d just left school and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. My short-term aim was just to do some temp work, earn some cash, and then make long-term decisions.

However, I soon discovered that there are all kinds of temporary jobs to be found in London. The easiest to find are in hospitality, but I really couldn’t see myself working in bars and hotels for the rest of my life. I wanted to try out some different things.

I was wandering through Covent Garden one day and came across Love Success. Immediately, I thought it seemed different. It had a very professional set up. Despite being in my jeans on my way home from a lunchtime shift, I took the plunge and popped in. I’m really glad I did. The staff were really welcoming. I explained that I was interested in temporary office jobs in London, but that I wasn’t sure if I had the right experience.

Getting the right experience by temping in London

Straight away, I was told that temping could in fact be the way to get the experience I needed. I was so pleased! I came back to Love Success the next day and my designated recruitment consultant sat with me and helped create my CV. I discovered I actually did have some skills that could be used in an office environment. I used the computers there to get it all sorted.

We then talked a bit about the sort of person I am and what previous employers have thought of me. I found it a confidence-building experience. My consultant told me she had a few temping positions she thought could work for me, and we decided to put my name forward for all of them.

Two days later, I was offered the temporary job of customer services assistant at a large multinational. I was absolutely terrified! But I went along and discovered that once shown what to do, I could do it. I had to answer the phone a lot and deal with customers in person. Once I got into the swing of it, I felt brilliant. I got a real buzz from it.

Choosing to temp in London long-term

My recruitment agent at Love Success asked me if I wanted to consider permanent placements. I wasn’t sure yet, so I decided to carry on temping with her support. That’s where I’m still at today. I’ve discovered that I absolutely love temping in London. It’s given me the freedom to try lots of different office environments and roles. Plus, I’ve discovered I love the flexibility. I tend to work for two-three months then take a month off. There aren’t many permanent jobs where that would be possible!

If you’re looking for temporary jobs in London, then I really do recommend you get in touch with Love Success.


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