2020 and Temping in London

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Since the start of the year, we’ve been talking about New Year’s Resolutions and goals for 2020. We even chatted to a bunch of our candidates who work in temporary jobs in London. We asked them what we could do as a recruitment agency to help them in 2020 and what their personal goals for the year are. Here’s what we found out.

Favourite clients

Alexis said: “I have my favourite clients through you and I’d like them to know that.” The good thing is that we always make sure that our clients know when a candidate gives positive feedback. We also allow clients to request the same temp by name. We are on the preferred supplier list of many businesses when they need temping in London.

Gaining experience

“I’d love to get a chance to work in some different industries this year, particularly in finance,” said Caroline. We always welcome communication from candidates about what their career goals are and our recruitment consultants will try to help candidates gain experience in the areas they’re looking for.

Going permanent

Zack told us that he would like to stop temping in London and secure a permanent position. He said “Now I’ve graduated I’m looking for a permanent position. Temping has been great during my uni years, but now I want to find a permanent role.” When you choose Love Success as your London recruitment agency, you can easily move from being a temporary candidate to one looking for permanent roles. We specialise in both! What’s more, many of those doing temporary jobs in London find they get offered a permanent position.

Earning money

Simon told us he’d like to “earn more money!” We hear you Simon! The good news is that 2020 is likely to continue to be a “candidate’s market” which usually means salaries and wages go up. We also recommend that you stick with one London recruitment agency to ensure you’re entitled to paid time off.

Skills boosting

Several candidates said that they’re looking to boost their skills and experience in 2020. Temping itself is great for this. However, you can also boost your software skills using our free training.

Work-life balance

Edwina is looking to continue using temporary positions to manage an effective work-life balance. She told us: “My youngest child has now been in school for one term and I’m ready to start working again. I’m hoping that by temping, I can still be there in the holidays for my children but also carve some career out for me again.”

Choosing the best

We were thrilled to hear from our temps that they are pleased with the service we provide. Many told us that they feel valued and treated as an individual. We’re really pleased to hear this and it’s very much our aim to help our candidates succeed. We work hard to carefully match candidates and clients, ensuring that both parties benefit. It’s why our temps stick with us!

Are you ready to start temping in London in 2020? Choose us as your London recruitment agency and see for yourself how we make the difference. Get in touch.


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