Top Tips for Getting a New Job in 2020

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At our top London recruitment agency, we find that January is the time for job hunting and candidate seeking. After a slow period at the end of the year and a break over Christmas, both employers and candidates are eagerly back on the hunt for office support jobs in London and great candidates to fill them. So if you’re looking for a new job in 2020, we’ve got the top tips you need to succeed.

Ask yourself questions

Before you even get a sniff of an interview, it’s you who should be asking yourself questions. Ask yourself what you really want to be doing.

  • Do you want to move to the next stage in your career?
  • Would you like to move to a different industry?
  • Is now the time to make changes to your work-life balance?
  • Do you need to gain more experience in a different area?

Then you need to consider your skills:

  • Will the skills you have help you achieve what you want?
  • What skills or attributes are your strengths?
  • Where are your weaknesses?

Don’t panic if you’ve got gaps in your experience or knowledge, as temporary jobs in London can give you the experience you need.

Work on your CV

Now it’s time to look at how you present yourself. When it comes to job hunting, the first element of presenting yourself is your CV. Chances are that your CV is outdated, so spend some time on it and follow our top CV writing tips for 2020. As you add more to your CV, include your most up-to-date experience and trim older experience to keep it succinct. If you’d like professional help with your CV when applying for office support jobs, call our recruitment consultants on 020 7870 7177.

Work on your interview skills

The next element of your presentation is yourself. How you present yourself in interviews, psychometric testing, or temp jobs in London will affect your success. While face-to-face interviews can be daunting, we have plenty of advice on interview skills, including which attire you should wear.

Interview skills come down to practice, so practice and practice some more to increase your confidence and interview success. Part of this involves thinking about the common questions you’ll be asked at interview. Get a few professionals to look at your CV and see what questions they’d ask, as this will give you invaluable information.

Consider all the options

When we dig a little deeper into why people are struggling to find a new job, it’s often because they have rigid expectations. While it’s important to know what you want to do and set goals, you may need to be flexible to benefit from the best opportunities.

A clear example of this is people’s beliefs about temporary jobs in London. Often, people discount these opportunities because they aren’t permanent. However, temp positions can be the springboard to long-term success. By dismissing temp work in London as an option, you may limit your opportunities for career success.

January is a great time to take the next step. You can search our current vacancies here.


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