What attributes do the best office support temps in London have?

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There are loads of opportunities to work in temporary office support jobs in London. But how do you know what attributes you need to make a success of temping? Today, we’ll unveil the common attributes we see at our leading London recruitment agency—these are the characteristics that our successful London temps display in reams.


Office support roles always require a problem-solving outlook and someone who takes initiative. Add in the temping element and it becomes even more important. Clients often call us to find temporary office support workers in London precisely because they don’t have the time to do it themselves. Therefore, they need to know they’ll get a candidate who is capable of thinking for themselves and working in different environments without hand-holding.


It’s easy to dismiss the importance of relationships with colleagues when temping is involved. However, the opposite is true. Those doing temporary jobs in London need to jump straight in with a friendly and personable approach. This means you need to be confident in quickly getting to know others in the office, as they’ll be an invaluable source of information. Don’t complain or compare the workplace to others, and do show a commitment to where you are now.

Attention to detail

Being a temp, you have an advantage in seeing things that others overlook. You can really add value to the organisation by being meticulous and accurate with each detail. Don’t forget that someone else may need to pick up what you’ve been doing and that will be hard for them if you haven’t paid attention to the little things.


It can be tough walking into a new position with limited information about the role—and likely minimal training. The most successful temps are those who are resourceful and able to come up with solutions using the knowledge and tools available to them. This may be necessary to quickly learn a new software system or finding out industry-specific information for a task you’ve been given.


Being a temp isn’t a green light to muck employers about. In fact, as a temp you really need to prove your reliability quickly. This is why it’s helpful to work through just one London recruitment agency. You’ll build your commitment to each other, and everyone benefits from this reliable, strong position.


It’s not always easy working in office support jobs. Sometimes, office tasks can be dull or monotonous. The trick is to remain positive, as this positivity will make you more effective and happier in the workplace, no matter what task you’re being asked to do.


It can be a leap of faith for an employer to bring a temp on board. This is why they’ll nearly always choose to do so through a recruitment agency. This way, the employer can be sure they’re getting someone who has been properly vetted and is trustworthy. In many office support jobs, you’ll be trusted with confidential and potentially sensitive information, so it’s vital that you’re trustworthy and keep this information strictly secret.

If you’ve got these attributes and are looking for temp work in London, then find out more about temp work with Love Success here.


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