How to Handle Blue Monday in the Workplace

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Monday 20th January is ‘Blue Monday’ a.k.a. the most depressing day of the year. Those working in office support jobs in London aren’t immune to the post-Christmas slump. But how do you deal with Blue Monday in the workplace so you can quickly pick up and regain your energy and verve?

Is it just Blue Monday or is it something more?

It’s important to identify if you’re feeling glum simply because of the horrid January weather, post-Christmas dullness, and overspending in December, or whether it’s something more. If your workplace has you feeling blue more often than not, then it’s time to move on. For office support and PA jobs in London, give us a call on 020 7870 7177 and let’s get you out of that rut.

However, if it’s simply January sluggishness getting you down, then try these tricks to combat Blue Monday:

  1. Relationships matter

    Relationships matter. For those doing PA and office support jobs in London, this is particularly true. It’s often the people around us who spread either negativity or positivity, and it takes the smoothest of duck’s backs to let negativity wash off.

    Be positive, even if that means you ‘fake it ’til you make it’. It’ll spread, and soon everyone will be feeling better. Focus on avoiding toxic people; spend more time with people you respect and admire.

  2. Get out of the office

    There’s a benefit to all the social events of December — they get you out of the office and building connections. January is typically a time when individuals are watching the pennies, but that makes it a perfect time to organise an office team building event and give everyone something to look forward to.

  3. Start a new project

    When your energy is sapped, it may seem like the wrong time to start a new project. However, bringing a fresh idea to fruition can be an ideal way to find your mojo and become energised in the workplace again.

  4. Look after yourself

    Practice some self-care in your work day and you’ll start to feel better. That may mean using your commute for some mindfulness or going for a brisk walk at lunchtime. Self-care can also involve making sure you’re organising and planning your day well so that you don’t feel overwhelmed — this is particularly important for those busy-bees in PA jobs in London.

  5. Get talking

    Mention how you’re feeling to your boss or co-workers, and you’ll find that a burden shared is a burden halved. You’ll feel supported and have someone in your corner as a cheerleader to get you moving forwards again.

  6. Rethink your goals

The new year is a great time to rethink your work goals. Perhaps this role isn’t working for you anymore? Perhaps it’s time to consider temping in London while you make some changes? It may be the career boost you really need.

Blue Monday is just one day. Stop it in its tracks. However, if the feeling lingers, then it may be time to look for a new role. Give us a call on 020 7870 7177.


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