The Secrets of Securing Office Support Jobs in London

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Securing a new job can seem daunting, so to make it easier, we chatted to some of our successful candidates to find out their secrets of securing office support jobs in London. As a leading London office support recruitment agency, we’re sure you’ll benefit from us revealing these job-bagging secrets!

Be prepared

Something that all of our successful candidates have in common is that they entered their job search prepared. They had taken the time to polish their CV (you can follow our CV top tips here) and they’d spent time on interview practice. Many of the successful candidates had taken advantage of our training and assessment to build and showcase their skills.

Ruth said: “It took me a week of dedicated effort to prepare myself for job hunting. By using this time wisely, it meant that when I was applying for jobs, I was genuinely ready. I actually found it really helpful to do this on-site in the Love Success Wait4Work lounge.”

Know what you’re looking for

From salary expectations to office hours and workplace culture, it’s really important to know what you’re looking for. Office support jobs vary enormously and it’s no good being sent for payroll administrator positions when you’re really looking for PA jobs in London. So, along with your preparation, be clear about your own expectations.

Lee told us: “It really helps to be clear about your own goals and hopes. You can then make sure you don’t waste time applying for roles that don’t fit the bill.”

Be honest and transparent

Your London recruitment agency is there to help you, but they can only do so if you’re clear and up-front with them. Be honest about what you’re looking for, what other avenues you’re pursuing, and what really matters to you. This is where the relationship with your recruitment consultant is invaluable.

Avinder told us: “My Love Success consultant really is my best advocate, but she can only do that because she knows what matters to me as I’ve told her!”

Communication is key!

Many candidates underestimate just how important communication is in the recruitment process. This is short-sighted, given that office support roles often require those with efficient, polite, and straight-forward communication styles.

Stay in contact with your recruitment consultant and communicate with them about what’s working and what’s not, and explain the demands on your time and schedule. This is particularly important when it comes to feedback on interviews—both positive and negative!

Ritesh says: “Don’t be afraid to say when you weren’t impressed at interview. It’s not just about the employer interviewing you, but it’s also about you deciding if you want to work there.”

Be patient

Looking for a new office support job can leave you anxious to secure a position quickly. However, sometimes it can take a little time to find the right match for you. Don’t be afraid to stay focused on what matters to you. You may find it beneficial to do some temp placements in the meantime, so you’ll have less concerns about money or career gaps.

Debbie told us: “It took me six months to secure the position I’m in now. I was worried at the time that I wouldn’t find what I was looking for. Now I’m glad I took my time because this role and company really suit me and I’m really enjoying building my career here.”

Are you ready to find London office support jobs that suit you? Find out more about becoming a Love Success candidate here.


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