What Can You Earn As a Temp Office Support Worker in London?

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We’ve seen a huge push towards more temporary jobs in London over recent months and have been looking at why this is. Given that many employers are relying on temp work in London at the moment, what are they expecting to pay? As someone temping in London, what can you expect to get paid in office support jobs?

Your earning power

The answer of course is…it varies. At our London recruitment agency, we specialise in PA and office support jobs, and even within these you’ll see a huge variation. Let’s look at why…

  • The role, skills, and experience involved: The term “office support jobs” is broad. A payroll manager will be able to achieve an hourly wage of likely double that of a customer service assistant because the skills and experience needed are different. Similarly, a PA will command more than an administrator or a data input clerk. It’s vital that you work with a professional recruitment agency to showcase your skills and secure the temporary roles that reflect your earning power.
  • Location: In temporary office support jobs in London, you can typically expect to be paid more than those doing the same role elsewhere. London wages are generally higher.
  • Length of placement: The length of the placement can affect the wage amount. Indeed, you can expect to be on a par with permanent employees in terms of rights. This means that wages will reflect things such as holiday pay.
  • The general rules: Generally speaking, temps in London can expect to command slightly more per hour than a permanent employee. This is because of the associated uncertainty of temp work combined with an employer not having to face the same financial commitment. You can also expect to command the highest temporary wage you’ve ever experienced, as temporary billings and wages are on their way up.

Be wary of wage calculators

Several leading jobs boards offer gimmicky calculators to work out what you may be paid for a certain job. However, be wary of these. They’re a blunt instrument and don’t take into account all of the different variables that affect temp wages in London. They can easily overinflate or underrepresent what you may realistically earn.

To get a more realistic understanding of what you can expect to earn in temp jobs, you have two other options. Firstly, browse genuine temp London placements that are available right now. You can do this for office support positions using our search tool. Look at what jobs are available and which you’re suited for to see what they pay.

Secondly, speak directly to a specialist office support recruitment agency such as Love Success. Agencies have their finger on the pulse in terms of what wages you can expect to command. You can talk to us about the skills and experience you bring to temping in London by calling us on 020 7870 7177.


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