A Day in the Life of a City PA

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When you work in PA jobs in London, each day may be very different, and it’s difficult to predict exactly what’s coming your way. But to give you an idea of what a day as a PA is like, we asked Caitlyn, a long-term PA who was placed through our PA recruitment agency, to keep a diary for a day.

6.30 am: The alarm goes. I’m a morning person so getting up is no problem for me. I jump into my gym gear and do my workout. Next it’s into the shower, work face on, and grab my cereal and yoghurt, making sure I don’t miss my bus.

7.30 am: My bus journey to the office takes 40 minutes. I use this time to check my emails on my phone. I see that my executive is disappointed with some candidates she had in for interviews yesterday. I make a note to get in touch with the right recruitment agencies in London for our specialist niche. I also take a look at the calendar and note that tomorrow my executive has clients visiting. I know these clients can be quite stress-inducing, so I make a note to ask my executive if there’s anything in particular she’s worried about.

8.10 am: The bus stop is a few minutes from the office. I grab mine, my executive’s, and my colleague’s coffee as I pass our favourite coffee shop. They are expecting me with coffees ready to go!

8.15 am: I arrive at the office. My boss is already in and on the phone. I take off my coat and take her coffee through. She gestures for me to wait for her to finish her call. Straight off the call, she’s got a list of tasks that need doing urgently following an evening meeting she had last night. Foreseeing this, I was armed with my notepad and pen along with the coffee!

8.30 am: I log in. Emails were checked on the bus, so no surprises here. I get to work on the administrative tasks my boss has asked of me. I get disturbed by a colleague (PA to another executive) experiencing some room clashes. I calmly move things around until everyone is happy and has what they need before resuming what I was doing. I make some phone calls, including to the recruitment agencies in London who specialise in pension and financial recruitment (our industry).

12 pm: My executive has been held up in a meeting all morning and is now quite flustered because she’s lost the time she had anticipated to prepare for these tricky clients tomorrow. I suggest I go and grab us both some lunch and we work together to prepare the presentation and tomorrow’s agenda. Back in the office with lunch, I can see my boss relaxing as she delegates some of the work my way. It’ll be a busy afternoon!

1.15 pm: I’m back at my desk and focusing on ensuring that everything will go smoothly tomorrow when one of the recruitment agencies rings back. They have a candidate who already sounds a better fit so we arrange for an interview in just two days. I book the interview room and print off the CV, which has been emailed over to me. I get back to working on the PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow. My executive keeps sending me new information so there’s quite a lot of rejigging.

3.00 pm: My executive needs rescuing from another meeting that is over-running. I know she’ll be stressed about tomorrow so I call her on her mobile, giving her the opportunity to make her excuses. On her way back to her office, I quickly intercept her to sign some letters that need to make today’s post and get her to ‘ok’ a new ad being placed on social media.

5.00 pm: I am the ‘audience’ as my executive runs through the PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow. At the same time, I make the booking for the restaurant where they will go for lunch.

6.30 pm: I’m on the bus back home. I check my emails again and see that the interview has been confirmed for the day after next. I put this in the online diary and call it a day.

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