How do I fast-track my career using temporary jobs in London?

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There’s a secret about temping in London: it has the power to be the rocket fuel for your career. Whatever your reason for taking temp jobs in London, you can use the opportunities to fast-track your career and create the future you desire. So, how do you make the most of temp work in London so your career really benefits?

Select the right London recruitment agency

When it comes to temporary jobs in London, they vary enormously. And when it comes to finding those temp jobs, not all recruitment agencies in London are created equally.

So first, choose a recruitment agency that specialises in recruiting within your area of expertise. For example, Love Success is a PA and office support recruitment agency and is therefore an ideal partner for candidates seeking these types of roles.

Second, make an appointment with a recruitment consultant at your chosen agency and see how you feel. You should get the feeling that you can create a great working partnership with your consultant, as they will be a pivotal advocate for your career.

Then, help the consultant want to help you. Make sure you are well-presented and keen, and show interest and enthusiasm for gaining a role.

Have everything in order

There are plenty of candidates seeking temporary roles in the city, so you need to be fully ready to walk into an opportunity when it arises. This means your CV should be polished, with referee details to hand, and relevant visa and permit documents if needed. If you’re unsure what you need to temp in London, then take a few minutes to read our current guide to temping in London.

On the job

On the first day, you may turn up without even having an interview. At Love Success, we always work closely to ensure an excellent fit between companies and candidates, but often there isn’t time for an interview.

To give a good impression and get off to the right start, arrive 10-15 minutes early and be ready to fit in, which includes taking care to meet the company’s dress code. Work to adapt quickly and add value rapidly. Be friendly and approachable and you should soon feel part of the team.

During your placement, aim to be consistent and reliable, showing yourself to be a valued team member. It’s your role to quietly keep on top of your timesheets without any fuss. Communicate well, not only with your current employer, but also with your recruitment consultant. That way, they will know what’s going on, when you’re likely to be ready for a new position, and where you need support.

At the end of a placement

When you’re doing temp jobs, you should always have one eye on the end—not in terms of it being ‘over’ but in how you can create a positive, lasting impression. This means thinking about how you will hand over to the person who will be doing the tasks next. Your mission is to leave the company with a positive ending.

Part of the ending will also be taking time to discuss the placement with your consultant. This helps them learn more about the next steps for your career, the new skills you’ve gained for your CV, and vital information about how you fit in and what you contributed to the employer. The agency will also benefit from finding out first-hand what it was like for you working for this employer.

From here, your consultant will be perfectly positioned to leverage your experience to take on a new challenge in your career. Find out more about why doing temporary jobs in London can boost your career and why the myth that temping in London harms your career is a fallacy.


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