What’s the Most Unusual PA Task You’ve Heard Of?

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As a top London recruitment agency, we’d like to say we’ve seen it all! However, in reality, PAs in London really need to be flexible—as they never quite know what they’ll need to do for their principal or executive. Today, we’ll let you in on the most unusual PA job tasks we’ve heard of, but what are the most unusual PA tasks you’ve been asked to do?

  1. Courier a fully-decorated Christmas tree

    One of our candidates who has been doing PA jobs in London within private households for 15 years was once asked to courier a fully-decorated Christmas tree from London to the principal’s student son’s house in Reading. She said the biggest issue was packaging and ensuring that the tree arrived in the same glitzy condition it was sent in!

  2. Finding the ‘right’ dog bark

    One individual who was working for a sound editor was tasked with finding a dog who barked in just the right way for a project he was working on! Apparently, the sound editor was having problems locating a pooch with just the right dulcet tone…

  3. Organise a client to take a world trip without using air travel

    It’s far from unusual for London PAs jobs to organise travel. However, it was somewhat unusual when one PA was tasked with organising the client to travel from Bali to Germany and then on to London without using any air travel. We didn’t ask how long it took!

  4. Hire a pancake artist

    At one of his temporary jobs in London, one of our office support candidates was asked to find a pancake artist for an ad campaign. He said it was particularly fun having to consume the samples!

  5. Work at a standing-only work station

    One executive had evidently read about the benefits of standing on employee’s health and wellbeing in the workplace, so only provided standing work stations for employees. The candidate said it wasn’t actually like she feared and she sometimes found it a positive. However, she was glad it was only a temporary position, as she wouldn’t always want to be standing!

  6. Have a debrief over a game of tennis

One personal PA had to up her game by becoming her principal’s tennis partner. Her principal liked to use the time to thrash out what needed doing! The PA in question fortunately loved tennis, but said she found it frustrating trying to concentrate on the game and what she needed to remember!

There’s a difference between unusual things asked of you and tasks that make you uncomfortable. If you feel that you’re unappreciated in your role or being made to do tasks that don’t sit easily with you, then it may be time to move on. Get in touch on 020 7870 7177 to find out about current PA jobs and temporary jobs in London.


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